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Take the guesswork out of your career.

You work hard.

You shouldn't have to worry about your career.

Let's fix that.

What we do:


  • give you premium professional materials and a strategy that steadily increases your salary and professional status.


  • Customized to meet the specific needs of experienced professionals with over 20 years of experience, you benefit from strategy-driven materials that capture your intrinsic value and the most meaningful nuances of your career.


  • You're a 20+ year industry veteran with work experience and accomplishments you want to leverage to skyrocket your career. 

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How would it feel to announce, "I"m ready for a new job!" And have someone you can trust taking care of the details?​

How To Work With Us
A few of the publications who've featured my advice and some of the incredible companies who hire our clients
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What clients say

Courtney's executive and professional coaching knowledge are where I have found her to have tremendous insight and amazing skills to help people grow, find their inner strength and move to places they may have thought out of reach. Courtney is able to see through to people's strong points and help them build on those.” 

—  Leigh Underwood, Global Program Manager

When you're smart about your career.
You'll stop worrying about your career.

How It Works

Our process is simple

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1. Choose a package

Choose the package that feels right for you. Complete your purchase and you'll receive your welcome materials and next steps from your team.

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2. Next Steps

Your strategist will contact you immediately to schedule an introductory meeting to begin your career portfolio analysis and craft your new strategy.

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3. You Can Relax

Let your shoulders drop while we deliver your materials and management. You're confident and in control of what happens next.


Flexible Pricing

Choose the right fit for you and your career

Best Buy

Book a free 30-minute information session.

Grey Limbo

What are the benefits of a Career Manager?

Plan your career and future with an experienced career strategist, a 25-year corporate veteran, and certified high-performance coach as your guide. Courtney has taught over 10,000 professionals and personally guided hundreds of executives to successful upward transitions.   

Courtney combines decades of insider corporate knowledge with world-class precision marketing and copywriting training from the world's top experts, including Marketing Hall of Fame author Seth Godin, copywriting geniuses Ben Settle, Laura Belgray, and Gary HalbertA graduate of the Bill Gove Workshop for speakers, Courtney has been invited to share her career insight by Marriott, Lowes, NABA, Ernst & Young, TEDx, and too many conferences and universities to name.  That's not all. 


  • Use Strategy Sessions to prepare for your interview, negotiation, offer review, or any topic or challenge needing expert strategy.


  • World-class copy editing sets you apart. Your materials have clear, compelling language that's in lock-step with your strategy.​​ 


  • You have professional agency and an expert advocate  protecting your interests.  


Your personal career agent and advocate plans the essential strategy and details that make your career vision your reality. 


Frequently asked questions

How long will it take?

On average, the Silver package takes 5 days and the Gold package is between 7 - 10 days provided you respond to prompts for feedback. The results are almost always better when not rushed, so start before you're ready.


Do you make revisions?

Yes, and you get editable and finished copies of your materials. 


How much do you charge? 

Packages are as priced. Need more info? Book a free info session.

You may request a full refund at your resumé/profile first review. Read what kind of clients we work best with here.


I'm not ready to job hunt. Should I wait?

Don't wait! The point is to always be ready. Join today and secure your slot. We set up your portfolio and get your materials ready so you can begin on your schedule.


Can you help someone in my industry?

If we can't, we'll tell you. We've enjoyed enormous success working with project and program managers from multiple industries, all levels of IT professionals, Big Four and finance professionals including C-level executives, directors, venture capitalists, accountants, consultants, engineers, lawyers, software developers, analysts, environmental engineers, boat captains, diplomats, educators, personal assistants, and many more. Curious? Just ask. 


Do you do everything on my LinkedIn Profile?  

We provide a new masthead, headline, About summary, and three previous Experience listings. You also get a profile settings checklist and recommendations summary. 


Will you load my new profile into LinkedIn?  

Unfortunately, due to LinkedIn's Fort Knox meets the Pentagon security features, we can't. We provide you with instructions to update your new profile.


Why you don't have a thousand reviews with lots of stars?  

The vast majority of our clients prefer to be discreet and let their materials do the talking. If you're reading this, chances are you heard about Courtney through peer, friend, or colleague. We work with a self-selected group of discriminating clients. We're happy to provide samples or references.


Do I pay anything for an information session?  

No. There's no point in putting up barriers to helping you get the information you need. These 15 minutes are sometimes necessary to determine fit and allow you to proceed with confidence. 


I want something that doesn't fall into any of these packages  

No problem. If we've worked together before, book an ad-hoc session here.   If you're not sure how to proceed, drop our team an email and we'll make a recommendation. If we've never worked together before, start with a free consult. 


How would a managed career change your life?

  1. A strategy means your work is always taking you closer to your goals.

  2. No one can pull the wool over your eyes because you're calling the shots.

  3. You're protecting yourself from under-employment.

  4. You make better choices because your options are crystal clear.

  5. You have more time to spend doing what you love.
  6. Less overwhelmed and less anxiety. 

  7. You save time and get more earnings by delegating to experts.

  8. Sleep better knowing it's taken care of..

  9. You have HR professionals and employment law resources on your side.

  10. Never again feel anxious about your professional image.

Bonus: your investment is philanthropy giving children the gift of reading and books.

We donate a portion of our profits to support literacy and free books for children.

All this is possible for you.

There comes a point when managing your own career is like cutting your own hair.
Sure, you can do it, but ...


Is This for You?

Who we work with (and who should take a pass.)

We're for you if...


  • You have at least 20 years of experience and want the full benefit of your education, skills, and experience.


  • Your professional materials must command respect and elevate you in your profession or industry.


  • You want to remain competitive and brand as a leader and expert. 


  • You want to focus on what you do best and let the experts manage your career and brand details. 

Take a pass if... 


  • You're a bargain shopper looking for a volume superstore where every resumé re-hashes the same tired phrases, "Results-driven with a demonstrated history of accomplishment." 


  • You want an answer to, 'What should I do with my life?" That's life coach territory. Our superpower is positioning precise words to deliver a polished image and strategy placing you on the top of your market. 


  • You have an affinity for the phrase, "I'd like to speak to the manager." β€‹

Still not sure if this is for you? Book a free 30-minute information session

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Is this you?

I've got experience and want someone I can trust and who can be objective to help me see all of my options.


"I need an experienced professional who can capture the nuances in my lifetime of experience."


"I don't like the feeling of 'winging it' with my career. I want to talk to someone who has answers."

"I'm tired of the employer holding all the cards.   

"People who are less qualified than me are getting better jobs. They seem to have insider information that gives them an edge. I want that."


"I need top-tier materials to execute a career pivot."

If you've thought any of these, you owe it to yourself to talk to us.
Book a 30-minute information session 

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Your career smarts
become theirs 

When you make smart career choices, your children do too.

You've seen this. If you're a first-generation college graduate like me, you've experienced it. 


Kids of all ages become career savvy when their parents do. Why? It’s simple: you're their role model. Someone who will lead by example.


Without even trying, you’ll pass your insider know-how and career savvy down to your children. And it’s never too late. Whether they’re toddlers or out of the house, I’ll give you the tools to make sure your kids become career savvy just like you.

Free yourself to focus on what matters 



"I fiddled with my LinkedIn profile for a month and finally I said, 'Why the hell am I doing this?' I gave it all to Courtney. Instant relief.

Fortune-500 IT Director



We donate a portion of our profits to support literacy and free books for children.

Learn how it works in five steps