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The top career strategist for Big Four and Fortune 500 professionals.

Three ways I can help you:

Start with an assessment of your résumé and LinkedIn profile. 


Get it done! Your premium custom résumé and LinkedIn profile.

Not sure what you need, but ready to leverage the full force of your experience and call the shots. You're in the right place!  Talk with a coach today.

courtney kirschbaum

...What people say...

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When I realized that I needed to change my career path, I quickly turned to Courtney because I'd attended her Job Hunt School and loved it. By helping me set a "shoot the moon" goal, Courtney challenged me to believe my dream of going part-time with a full-time salary was a real possibility. I believed this could happen 5-10 years from now, but she dared me to believe I could make it happen now.

Sheala Vast-Binder

Client 2022

Courtney was always extremely responsive, and it was easy to book convenient times with her. In a little over two years since starting the program, I am much happier and satisfied in my career, and my salary has near tripled. I was a frustrated job seeker who had never been in the right role. This has changed that and has given me a great deal of confidence to own my career. 

David Lichacz 

Client 2023


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Incredible companies who hire our clients and publications & podcasts who've featured my advice. 
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Describe the experience of working with Courtney


—  Career Coaching Client 2021-22 

When you're smart about your career.
You'll stop worrying about your career.

How we're different
and why we're what you've been looking for.

Half of our clients come to us with "professional" résumés and LinkedIn profiles that still aren't working.  Fashy but overfilled. Sometimes, it's the same template all the other clients got, with a few changes to make it "yours."  Recruiters see these all day long, and they yawn.


What gets you to the next level, next job or new career is an expert who knows how to write and position your résumé and LinkedIn, so it's not a pretty trophy but a custom marketing product that emphasizes your strengths to a specific audience. That's when you get responses. We provide materials and a strategy to make your next move surgically precise and effective. Work with us and start getting attention from the decision-makers you want to talk with and work for.

We support you with the best custom materials that shorten your job search, answer your questions and give you access to a complete digital library of career resources that support all your future work. This is the service you've been looking for.

Our Mission:

To give people support and tools to get a good job, enjoy
higher levels of professional respect, and personal freedom.  

How It Works

Our process is simple

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1. Choose a package

Choose the package below  that feels right for you. Complete your purchase and you'll receive your welcome materials and next steps.

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2. Next Steps

You get instant access to resources and all members benefits. Schedule one-on-one time whenever you're ready. On your schedule.

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3. Relax. We've got this

Let your shoulders drop because you're covered. Explore your resources. Feel confident and in control of whatever's next.


Flexible Pricing

Choose the right fit for you

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed


...Enjoy these benefits...

An expert advocating for you

A professional resumé and profile to laser-focus on the opportunities you want.

Annual resume and Linkedin updates

Experts to answer your career and job hunt questions 24/7

Reach your potential.

More time to do what you love.

Opt-in to Mastermind groups and hot seats

A strategy that gives you a strong position in the market.

Peace of mind.

Bonus: your investment is philanthropy giving children the gift of reading and books.

We donate a portion of our profits to support literacy and free books for children.

Start today. Book a starter session for yourself or a friend.

Who we work with

Will we work?

Who's a "Hell YES! And who should take a pass...

We're for you if...

  • You have at least 15 years of experience in the corporate fire! Or you're an over-achiever and way-smart in, which case, 10.

  • You want professional materials that make people say, "Oh, Wow!" right before they try and copy you. Emphasis on "try." 

  • You want to people to listen to you instead of telling you what to do.

  • You want to do your thing and delegate the tedium. You get that time is more valuable than money. 

Maybe take a pass if... 


  • You have an affinity for the phrase, "I'd like to speak to the manager." 

  • You're a bargain shopper looking for a volume superstore resumé re-hash with the same tired phrases, "Results-driven with a demonstrated history of accomplishment."  #ThatsNotUs.

  • "I don't know what I want to be when I grow up."  I hear you, really I do, but that's life coach territory. Not us. Our superpower is strategy, positioning, and precise words that put you at the top of your market. 

Still not sure if this is for you? Book a 30-minute starter session

Is this you?

"I'm underpaid and under-appreciated and I'm outta here."

"I want my work experience captured in a professional narrative that captures all my experience including the nuances."

"I want to talk to an expert who understands the corporate world, this crazy market, and has the answers." [Check, we got ya.]

"I want to say where my career takes me and where it doesn't!"

"People who are less qualified than me are getting better jobs. They seem to have insider information that gives them an edge. I want that." [Check, we really got ya on this one!]

"I need top-tier materials and someone who knows what's going on in the job market."

If you've thought about any of these,
you owe it to yourself to
learn more. 

This you?

I fiddled with my LinkedIn profile for a month and finally, I said, 'Why the hell am I doing this?' I gave it all to Courtney. Instant relief.

Fortune-500 CTO

Image by Thiago Cerqueira

Your career smarts
become theirs 

When you make smart career choices, your children do too.

You've seen this. If you're a first-generation college graduate like me, you've experienced it. 

Kids of all ages become career savvy when their parents do. Why? Simple: you're their role model. Someone who will lead by example.

Without even trying, you’ll pass your insider know-how and career savvy down to your children. And it’s never too late. Whether they’re toddlers or out of the house, You'll walk away with the tools to make sure your kids become career savvy just like you.

Relax. We've got this.

Frequently Asked Questions

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