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I give you the steps to get out of the golden handcuffs and keep the golden salary

Tired of spending your life in meetings that could have been an email? 


Want to live where you want?


Ready to trade your commute for time and place freedom? You can.


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You can do what you want

Bye rules! Thanks, 2020 for throwing them all out the window! No more waiting for the career you thought was coming but may not even want anymore. 


It's not too late.  

The universe just decided to give us a clean slate, while conveniently showing us two things:


1. We don't need to be "here" for this and


2. A single stream of income is a great way to get owned. 


If you want to be 


 - Free to make an impact.

 - Free to enjoy a career that makes you proud, and 

 - Free to do it your own way.


If you want to say "I could do this all day!" instead of, "It pays the bills,"  There will never be a better time to start.


Open the door to your new freedom

Ready to feel optimistic about what's coming and get that all over body rush that makes you say, "Hell yeah!"  Then, this is the open door you've been looking for. 

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