How it works

We handle the details. You're the hero.

Experience a career without resistance



STEP ONE - Let's Find Out Where You Are

Getting started is the hardest part. It's easy to put these details off until you have to do it. Go that route and you're behind when you begin. Not good! Working with me means the “getting started" part will be a lot easier. Together we’ll gather your information and I’ll do my homework, analyze the angles, note the opportunities, that will make your career better and stronger.

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STEP TWO - Develop Your Career Strategy

You get a career strategy that's a logical outcome of your goals and values. I’ll help you figure out your career goals and show you how to make them happen. You'll see a clear path to where you've always suspected your career can take you. Harmony between work and life will be the norm. The solution to every problem isn't more hours worked. You'll connect with what really makes you happy – deep down. 

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STEP THREE - Make an Action Plan

I’ll lay out steps that will clearly show what you need to do to take control and connect your hard work to the outcomes you want for yourself, and your family. A clear plan will inspire you to take action with confidence. Step by step, you’ll nail down the four corners of your career. No more putting it off. No more, "I need to figure that out." And the best part: once it's done, it's done. 



STEP FOUR - Systems in Place to Support You

When we remove the friction. Your career naturally moves upward. All you need is a few simple systems. It’s one thing to have a plan and know what you should do, but you've got to put it into action and give your new strategy a chance to work. With me and your team, you get the reminders, quarterly check-ins, and enough accountability to make it real. We'll celebrate your victories along the way.

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STEP 5 - Your Career is Managed

My vision for you: a strategy and a clear path for you to rise. Things get a lot easier after all the heavy lifting is complete. We remain active on your behalf, getting essential elements in place - articles published, speaking at conferences or events, awards. Additions that skyrocket your professional status, yet successful executives rarely have time to pursue these. We get them in place, manage them for six months, then transition them, so you enjoy ongoing recognition and opportunities


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

You may request a complete refund at your first materials review before progressing into revision. No questions asked.