You need a hero.
Because job hunting is hell.

They aren't kidding when they say it's a full-time job.

That's why we all put it off. It's a terrific inconvenience! Not only that,

  • Job hunting consumes a lot of time

  • You don't do it often enough to get good at it, and 

  • Since the last time, all the rules have changed.

Our goal is to make it easier. You can add Job Hunt Hero to any Gold or Platinum career package and here's why you might want to.

Job Hunt Hero

It's simple.

If you're planning to look for a new job and want less anxiety and more answers, grab Job Hunt Hero and dial up your one-on-one time with us. More timely, objective advice will take to take the pain out of job hunting and help you make smarter, more informed career choices that lift you those you love, up.


Casual Meeting

Your career pivots on your job hunt