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"I can't tell you how valuable this is.

I feel like I stumbled upon the world's greatest gem." 

Marissa Maitland

The career you want!
I help you get it. 

If you're a veteran of the corporate world, you know it's the Tough Mudder of career paths. Run the corporate obstacle course, and you can survive anywhere.

If you're here, reading this, you already suspect whatever got you this far won't work to get you the rest of the way there, and you're right. Let's fix it.


If you're ready to have more options, more freedom, more money, and to call your own shots, I can help. 

I already know I want it!

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Does that sound familiar? Good. Let's crush this mother.

Been sweating over your résumé and LinkedIn and they still aren’t exciting anyone, including you?


The words that define you have to make eyes light up and mouths water. Writing for your career is a horse of a different color. I’m an expert at crafting words that make people want more… of you!  By the time we're done they'll be standing in front of you like OliverTwist saying "Please sir, I want some more." More. Of You. For the win.

Not sure how to say, "I'm the greatest!" or eat more humble pie?

Remember the old saying, 'You can't see the picture when you're the frame." Relax, self-promotion is challenging unless you're a sociopath or you have an advocate (you will). You're not alone. Most people have this in common. We'll get this dialed in.

You can't keep asking your friends or that neighbor who works in HR can you? 

When we work together, you'll have a personal assistant for your career not a stranger who's only holding the elevator Open Door because you made eye-contract at the last minute. You're past the point in your career where you crowdsource your career strategy to strangers on LinkedIn, Reddit or your friends. Your expert is standing by Secret Service style. You'll have the elevator all to yourself.

Are you the ultimate employee, yet when it's time for you to be a bad@ss free agent, you're not sure where to start?


After working with me, you'll know how to position your offer in the market and how to leverage all that experience you've been banking. That's not all. You'll know which priorities and values you want guiding your work and which you're never-ever getting back together with. Kiss brain fog goodbye. And get ready to be like Babe Ruth, pointing toward the stands before hitting a home run. (For the record, Babe had a coach.)

Been busting your hump and still don’t have a "seat at the table?"


Hmmm. Isn't that table cliché just another way to say, "I want respect?"  After we work together, people will start looking to you for their cues on how to behave.

A new job is your chance to be a whole new person at a new level. I show you how to pitch the new you using what you have that no one else does: yourself.

Thinking of quiet quitting*?

I’ll show you exactly how to create a strategy that takes the load off you! You know what that means? You work the same, or less yet you get more. Cue your boss saying. "You have no idea what they do for me!"

**Quiet quitting:  doing only the bare minimum for your job. It does not involve actually quitting. 

P.S. You won't need to do this ;-)

Relax. You're right where you need to be.

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"I absolutely love, love, love my new job!

I just had orientation today. I'm working for a company that believes in helping people. I love the culture. It is my dream job. Really!" 


- Destiny Simms


Perfect for you if...

  • You're an experienced corporate professional - Big Four, Fortune 500, and the like.

And you're: 

  • Job hunting or getting ready to

  • Have done well in your career, yet feel stuck

  • Are ready to pivot to something new

  • Determined to get what you've earned!

And you want to...

Know exactly what to do and how to do it. When it comes to managing your boss - psycho or otherwise, or pushing the buttons of your office nemesis so they are dancing to your tune and not the other way around.

Say "No thanks" to the good and "Hell Yes!" to the great and do it with confidence.  After we work together,  no more compromising.

They'll be showing you the money. Why? I'm going show you how to frame your ask,  to negotiate nasty little barbs called "restrictive clauses" and line your nest with a severance package - no they're not just for "other people."  You'll be log rolling in your doeskins. Don't know what that means? You will.  

Leverage the single biggest advantage you have, being yourself, and take your career where you want it to go.

Have recruiters and hiring managers break through the rope line to get to you. When they do they'll want you for your next job not a repeat of your old one.

Commute from your bedroom to your she-shed home office or favorite table at a coffee shop. Or go to the office. Either way, you decide.

You have an expert to give you answers, insights, and good ideas when you need them, instead of  wondering "What should I do?" on repeat.

Have people shut the h*ll up and listen to what you say and do what you say. Let's be real, sometimes that's just what you need them to do.

Know exactly what you want and know exactly how you're going to get it. Maybe your next job is a transitional job. Maybe it's your "until retirement" job. Either way, you'll be executing your strategy instead of someone else's.


In a nutshell

  • First, we transform your résumé and LinkedIn so anyone who sees it says, "Wow!" This usually takes two meetings of about 1 hour. 

  • We’ll spend the time working on your materials together. Sometimes, we’ll chat for a bit and I’ll go away and craft your masterpieces on my own. However it breaks down, you’ll end up with materials that hit the emotional mark and get the right people to sit up and start writing a message to you.  After that, how we work together will depend on your needs.

  • For one year, you have a majordomo, coach, and aide de camp to support and advocate for you during your job hunt and as you get your bearings at your new job.

What you get ...

A world-class résumé and LinkedIn Profile.


A clear path forward. Everything you need to land a new job or execute a career change. Six months of unlimited email support + live coaching, including answers to "What the hell do I do now?" 

An advisor, coach, and editor on-call

Kiss writer's block goodbye and get your time back. Have a professional copywriter at your disposal.  Interest emails, cover letters, interest notes, biographic profiles, and more.  I'll edit anything you write and send a template if you're drawing a blank. If you could buy this, it would cost you thousands, but buying it is almost impossible!

A seat in a Flash Mastermind.  This includes the Mastermind training (relax, it's less than an hour!) and hot seats and special guest speakers, and insights only a group of like-minded people can give. A $600 value. (Typically, we run 3 or 4 per year.)


Full Access to the complete digital library - get bestsellers Job Hunt School and LinkedIn Boost - a $2000 value.  You also get Mastermind training  - a $400 value. That's over 7 hours of online video content, 4 Bonus Trainings, including Resign Right, Cornerstone Summary - cause elevator speeches are so yesterday!  +Plus you get over 23 templates, checklists, cheat sheets, and meditations. Plus, over 40 resources, including my top writing resources and other make-your-life-easier tools galore. That's not all,


World-class negotiation training with a checklist, trading plan, and SWOT template so you can feel confident and prepared and get the best salary.

Bonus Expert Sessions - guest speakers and coaches visit our Mastermind.  Past guests have been corporate coaches the leader of an MBA program. Who gets an invite depends on the group we have. These are for real, and they're excellent.


People with professional materials get more interviews and better jobs.

Ashley Taylor testimonial.png

"...helped me to realize that I am amazing and powerful".

I'm sure you hear this a lot but I felt like you were speaking directly to me. I have struggled at the manager level to feel worth getting to the next step. I was kind of in a funk for the last few months feeling like I lost my confidence. Your presentation helped me to realize that I am amazing and powerful. I deserve to be where I am and to progress to the next level in my career. Thank you for all that you said. It made a huge difference in my life already.

 - Ashley Taylor

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Her understanding and depth of knowledge about my options and the potential outcomes gave me much needed perspective.

She provides objective insights and even small details that had a tremendous positive impact in my job search and next steps, including the negotiation process.
I always respected Courtney as a strong project leader and I equally appreciated her guidance as a career coach.
Courtney understands your career challenges and provides smart, practical options.

 - Steve Powsnser

How long will it take?

This question can drive you crazy!

Not knowing how long it will take to find the next job or execute change is what makes us hedge and take a too-low-level job and begin a vicious cycle. Working with us gets you into a virtuous one. Here's what I recommend:

  • Are you a new client? Book a starter session, and we'll go from there. 

  • An existing client who needs a strategy touch-up? Book a Power Hour.

  • Are you an experienced professional ready to start today? The rule of thumb is six months to a year to find a job. Let's shorten that.

Karen Slater.jpeg
  • Are you a new client? Book a starter session and we'll go from there. 

  • An existing client who needs a strategy touch-up? Book a Power Hour.

  • Are you an experienced professional ready to start today? The rule of thumb is six months to a year to find a job. Let's get started.

Sometimes in life, you just get too close to the trees to remember you're in a forest.
I was feeling like I was walking in circles always coming up to the same tree wondering if this was all my career would be.  Not only was she able to put my skills and experience into perspective, she provided exercises and suggested action steps that changed the trajectory of my career. She's powerfully authentic, and insightful and uses her professional knowledge to help you get clarity and move your career forward. Anyone who's feeling stuck or wanting to change jobs or break out to something new, gains tremendous value by having Courtney as their career coach. She's amazing.

 - Karen Slater

How soon can we get start?

Don't wait! My schedule caps at four clients per month.

 Overwork doesn't work for me or you and your presentation can't be rushed and 

you have my support for one year. Relax, make a start, and be in new, better place next year. 

What's it cost? 

Plenty, but it's a pittance compared to what you'll make.

That's right, you'll make it back. A recent client pulled a $30k pay raise and bagged work from home - well from all over the world actually -  but it's all comes down to what you want. It's like that line from the Michael Mann movie "Heat", 'I don't have to sell this because this stuff sells itself."

Will we work well together? 

If you're a returning client, you already know.

If you don't, book a starter session, to be sure you're making the right call. If you're curious. I'm a straight-talking, good-writing, sometime f-bomb-dropping corporate veteran who's got your back. 

Mike Canfield .jpg

I can't recommend Courtney strongly enough.

1,325 views of my post in 4 days! Increases in invitations to join my network, increases "those who viewed your profile." Thank you, Courtney. I followed Courtney's tips and have been far more than pleased with the results. And, her customer service is top-notch, to boot. She responds very quickly to requests for help, holds conference calls with other members, and couldn't be more helpful and professional. I can't recommend Courtney strongly enough.

 - Mike Canfield

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The Details

Start date:  This is your call. Grab it at these prices and start later if you want. You set the pace for initial meetings. Take up to 6 months to start and still get a year of support.

Pay in full $3,999 (save $800) or pay $1200 x 4 months

What happens next? 

Instantly, you get non-expiring access to the complete digital library resources and a schedule link to set up our first session whenever it works for you!

The Details
JHS Testimonial EDIT 9-27-20.png

- Job Hunt School and Coaching Client

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 2.14.33 PM.png

"Your lessons provided exactly what I was looking for ... how to navigate work life."

Elizabeth Engele

MakerGirl Co-Founder

Screen Shot 2022-08-21 at 3.06.14 PM.png

- Job Hunt School and Coaching Client

Sheala Vast_Binder.jpg

"You're an amazing coach! I enjoy your sense of humor and I learn something new in every video."

Sheala Vast-Binder


"You are a master creator! The content was super helpful and presented clearly. Straightforward and to the point. Thank you!"

Mikayla Cerney