Why not you? 

Succulent Plant and Binder Clips

Why this is different

 If you sometimes feel like you don't have answers to your career questions, you're not alone.

 You know you need to have a plan or you'll never escape the cubicle farm. But how? 


I give you a place to go for reliable answers and to get protection for yourself and your career.


Guess what, most people are crowdsourcing their career management to friends or family, which is great if one of them is a labor lawyer and another is an HR director.

Here's the truth:

that wing-and-a-prayer career strategy is stressful and it doesn't feel great to fly without a net when your mortgage payment is hanging in the balance. 


Let us help you get rid of the guesswork and get you off the hamster wheel. I want your hard work moving the needle on your bottom line, not just your employer's. 

You've got what it takes.

We work for you to handle the details and the strategy that amplifies your best work and talents so your work is enough to leave Richie Rich in the dust. 


Bottom line: We take care of the small-busting yet essential details to give you the edge you might not have been born with.


You don't have to fake it 'til you make it.

Freeing you to focus on doing work that matters 

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"Courtney stands out in the crowd"

... I have found her to have tremendous insight and amazing skills to help people grow, find their inner strength and move to places they may have thought out of reach. Courtney is able to see through to people's strong points and help them build on those.

—  Leigh Underwood, Global Program Manager