Why not you? 

You deserve a healthy, profitable career

(Slice of lime, optional) 


If you’re a professional who needs a solid career plan and a little polish on your professional image, (who doesn't?)  I can help you get these dialed-in like a new season of your favorite show all cued up for a binge-watch. 


Brutal career truth: if your marketing is from the bargain basement, your salary will be too.  When we work together,  your materials - LinkedIn profile resume, etc. -  will go from "Ka-thunk" to "Va-va-Vavoom!" creating a professional image of you as:  all that and a bag a chips.


Know what happens then? You command fat stacks (and generous benefits) for what you do.  And this experience is a confidence tonic like no other. Could you use one? Want a lime with that? 


Or maybe you want out of those golden handcuffs? Contractor? Entrepreneur? Let me help you plan and kick off your side-hustle or CEO-phase 1. Delightful truth:  a second source of freedom-restoring income will go down oh so easy. 


Sound good, but you're not sure how? I gotcha covered. 


Does this sound familiar...? 

​You're in meetings day-dreaming about winning the lottery and FEDEXing your work computer back with no note...


You're ready for a new job, new role, new experience and you need a plan to get to where you want to be. 


I show you how to leverage the experience you already have and get that square-dancing with what want to do. (Grab your partner). When we work together I show you the steps. One. two. three. four.


And in case you're wondering, the answer is "Yes. You can repurpose your 'razzle-dazzle-em' without dropping six-figures on an MBA."


Best way to get started?  Book an hour and spend the rest of the day congratulating yourself on (finally) having done something good for you and your career. 

​Get what you want


You're great at your job, yet when it comes to communicating that...


It's like you can't get it to download. You see that

"buffering" message. No matter how long you wait, it doesn't come out the way you want.


This kind of writing, copywriting, is a specialized skill 

and readers recognize it instantly.  When you read it, you know it's a cut above. It's got that "This has been done by a professional" feel that no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to capture it. 


I capture it for you and this fuels your strategy. 


Whether it's your LinkedIn headline or your resume opener. You'll attract a whole new set of admirers. 


Don't know how to blow your own horn? Hand that horn right on over to me. (I can blow a conch shell horn, too. For real.)

"I need this done right and I don't have a lot of time."

​Strategizing is easier when you're with someone who has your six, working for you and watching your back and offering you, your work and your career an experienced, objective eye.


Without a strategy, you're just in the mix with everyone else, running your career on a wing and a prayer. It's stressful and results are spotty at best. 


Fact: over 50% of people are bored at work, even more think they are underpaid but don't know what to do about it. (Like I said, spotty, at best.)


P.S.  Not sure what you want to do next?  I can help you sort that, too. 


"Courtney stands out in the crowd"

... I have found her to have tremendous insight and amazing skills to help people grow, find their inner strength and move to places they may have thought out of reach. Courtney is able to see through to people's strong points and help them build on those.

β€”  Leigh Underwood, Global Program Manager

Do you cut the crust off your Wonder bread?


​Or grab the hearty, whole grain seed loaf, rip off a hunk and slather it in butter? In other words:  how do you roll?


If you've ever worn a pair of too tight jeans (Me. Jordache. 1983.) you already know, fit matters. 


Is this a fit for you?  It is if you'll raise a toast to a glass-half-full-attitude.


Couple of things to help you decide if it's a fit


Expect no-BS candor with a super-sized side of humor, lightly seasoned with adult language.


If you respond to compliments with, "No. I'm not all that. You don't mean it" or downplay your superpowers, you may not be ready for this.


If someone pointing out your amazing-ness makes you think, "Yes dammit! And I need to own that more!" Then, let's roll.


If a co-worker has ever said to you, "You're wasted here" as in, you're too talented for this circus (or maybe you've said it to yourself) and you're ready to do something about it. Game on!


"Wanna grab a coffee?"

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