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You're probably brilliant when it comes to helping others, yet it's nearly impossible to do your own marketing. 


Why spend months trying to find the right target and crafting the right message, which might not be? When you can save time delegating it to a professional. You'll walk away with a strategy that amplifies your competitive edge bringing a laser focus on the talents that make you happiest and you want to use in your next job.

The result? You're in control and employers and opportunities naturally find you and want to hire you.

Bottom line:  show yourself and your career the respect it deserves and enjoy a razor-sharp competitive edge that elevates you now and in the future.

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"Courtney stands out in the crowd"

... I have found her to have tremendous insight and amazing skills to help people grow, find their inner strength and move to places they may have thought out of reach. Courtney is able to see through to people's strong points and help them build on those.

—  Leigh Underwood, Global Program Manager