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Ready to take action?


A custom strategy will energize you and amplify your best work and talents. Say good-bye to the daily, never-ending pressure to prove yourself (again!)


If you're here, chances are you've already done that (probably a coupla times, right?)


We have a fancy word for what's most amazing about you: your "core genius."  

We help you find it and cash in on it. Cha-thing!


Because we believe you should be the first person making bank from your talent. After all, it is yours!


You'll know you've got it right because the pieces start falling into place.


That's when your work makes an impact and you easily attract jobs and opportunities that feel right to you.


Managers, leaders, engineers, accountants, executives, and thousands of others have used these methods to astonishing and delightful results. You can too.  



Does this sound familiar...? 

​You're in meetings day-dreaming about winning the lottery and Fed-Exing your work computer back with no note...


If you want a new job, a new role or a new experience, it doesn't have to feel overwhelming. In fact, put all that behind you.


We'll start by helping you craft a clear, compelling message. My English teacher called it a thesis statement, Hollywood scriptwriters call it an origin story. Others call it a manifesto.


Grab a coffee (or tea) and kick back. This was never meant to be hard. Because you (well, we;-) leverage the experience you already have to get you from where you are to where you want to be. We believe that just because something is serious doesn't mean it can't be fun. Or approach is relaxed and fun. We've learned that's when people do their best work anyway.



"The house don't fall when the bones are good..."


Just like the song says... "when the bones are good, the rest don't matter."


When we unite your original message with your values and experience, interest awakens in others and doors start opening. You don't have to sell because this sells itself. 


Here's more good news! Crafting your right message will excite you as much as it does them. Because this is you and your voice! Tapping into that is powerful and it feels amazing!


If you skipped this step back in the day, don't worry. We're here to help you get it right. Guess what happens then? 


You soar past your former competition who may never have bothered to do this groundwork and get "the bones" right.

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Busy professionals find this unique guide invaluable because it reveals the exact elements get the people you want clicking, connecting and calling you. Trusted because it focuses on the surprising place modern professionals are most vulnerable, their online profile.  Ideal if you want new opportunities more quickly.



"Courtney stands out in the crowd"

... I have found her to have tremendous insight and amazing skills to help people grow, find their inner strength and move to places they may have thought out of reach. Courtney is able to see through to people's strong points and help them build on those.

—  Leigh Underwood, Global Program Manager


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