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Get a slam dunk profile and get on with your life.

This you? 

"I'm a rock star at work, yet no matter how hard I try, I can't get recruited on LinkedIn.
Recruiters only call me to do my old job! How do I attract offers for a different job?
"Everything on LinkedIn feels so fake! I want to be me!"

Your LinkedIn profile is the most viewed (and most powerful) part of your job hunt.

Most are. It's not just a snore,  it's making your job hunt harder and longer. Here are three reasons it's causing you to lose time and money (where you could be making deposits!)

1. It's not "calling to" your audience.  The wrong bait won't get one on the line, and you're coming home empty-handed. I'll bet that's part of it.

2. It's got a  bad case of copy-itus. You either get writer's block or think, "I can't write that! I sound like a barely-humble bragger!"  So you copy. A bit from this profile, and a bit from that one. But when it's done, there's no steak or sizzle. It's giving a lunchmeat vibe.


3. It's a résumé repeat. Are they supposed to copy each other or complement? Or is it compliment? It's confused and overloaded or confused and under-loaded. Your profile has one purpose, and it's not to repeat your résumé. Your profile should be part of a one-two punch, not a one-one repeat.  (FYI: it's complement.) 

... End your pain! Real-life before-and-afters show you exactly what to do!

"Good enough" isn't! Better ends your job hunt faster!   

Profile Payday! digital_edited.png

You move to the top of the list just from your LinkedIn profile

Think of it as your Wikipedia page. It's on 24/7. 


 You commands respect and ignites desire.

...Set it up in about an hour and cha-ching!

The secret to making "mismatched" skills look good and make sense to readers.

ways you can use ONE element all over your profile to achieve off-the-chart

credibility & trustworthiness 

Page 39.

A secret method to make your right audience hit the brakes to read your profile. Page 97.

The ingenious

"re-arrange" method that got a candidate an interview in 24 hours!  Page 44.

Checklists so you can be sure you're hitting all the marks! Page 90.

The 3 most response-getting headlines

that turn heads and get people

clicking - Page 83.

A criminally under-rated way to write your About Summary with 


triggers that "hypnotize" them to keep reading. Page 42.

The "Hollywood Agent" trick that makes your most adoring

fans spread "good gossip" about you and your victories. Page 57. This is GOLD! 

How to remove words in your profile that are silently eroding credibility and trust even though you think it's the "right" word.

Powerful Human Psychology "Secret"

used by jury consultants and PhDs to get people to trust and like you after reading your profile. 

An advertiser's technique to 

make your

successes clear irresistible! Pages 47.

The dumb mistake 

even smart professionals

makePage 10.

Four questions readers want answered when they read your profile. Page 14. 

Get a proven formula used for over 122 years by successful marketers that reliably attracts employers. The exact steps to get this tool working for you is on page 42.

A quick "dummies" guide giving you the 4 most important questions people need you to answer. Page 16.

A simple tweak you can make to instantly inspire

confidence that you can do the job. Page 54.

Never open your About summary with this! And what to use instead. Page 73.



I made the changes you recommended and the very next day I received a call from a recruiter to schedule a phone interview... up until this I've been getting more silence than anything. 

C. Weickenand, Sales Specialist 


Valuable investment!



Courtney addresses the 'You've always wanted to know but were afraid to ask' career questions and offers smart answers and practical solutions. 

Kevin Anderson-Garrity, Horticulturist


"I got another call about a job today." 

"26 recruiter views on my profile!"

Note: all sales final.

How it works

Profile Payday images.102.png

Profile Payday shows you how to connect to the WHO and WHAT to focus on, WHY it matters, and HOW to do it with examples to show you exactly what it looks like.

The result?

You have a profile that inspires respect, piques interest, and makes people feel that you understand them and can solve their problems.

  Don't worry if you

-- Have career "gaps."

-- Are unemployed and trying to get back to work.

-- If you want to change careers.

We've got easy fixes for you.

Custom profile Kajabi sales page-2.png

Good things start happening

And get what you want.

  • the #1 reason people silent-stalk but never say anything - even when they're interested in your work.

  • Learn the one word that will make profile readers connect.

  • How to use a "subliminal" message to get others to feel at ease about hiring you at a higher level. Ethical and easy to do. Page 82.

  • A "paint by numbers" way to use common phrases to communicate volumes in only a few words making your profile easy to read and remember. Page 56. 

  • A subconscious "mental block" that sabotages your success! (And how to fix it.)

  • Show your best work without ego. Instead readers think, "Wow, impressive!" Page 56.​​​ You already have this, so you should definitely use it!

You can relax!

Untitled design-7.png

...Start here...

  • You can deliver the goods but your profile reads like everyone else's and seems fake when you try to punch it up.

  • You want a less out-dated feel.

  • No matter how much you edit it, you can't get the "Wow!" factor your work brings in real life.

  • 'Yard Sale-itus'? You don't know what to leave out and what to keep in.


  • Can't seem to organize your skills and experience into a story that's interesting to read.

  • Worried you have to "explain" parts of your work history? We have the fix.

  • You want to know how to attract more interesting jobs and get them!

Untitled design-8.png

...go here...

  • 100+ pages of 8.5 x 11 color, before-and-after examples in instant digital download and printable PDF format.

  • Instant access to a private platform and expert feedback and guidance.

  • Space to jot down notes combined with questions to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Ask anything you want in the private comments area. Get answers to those pesky questions that can keep you stuck. 

    • Need help tweaking the opening line of your summary or closing with the just-right words?

    • Should you include your gold medal win in Hot Air Balloon Potato Peeling? Or that time you came in 112th in the National Spelling Bee? 

  • All delivered in a to-the-point style with a side of humor and adult language. You won't have to dodge f-bomb craters, but "grown-up words" will be in the house.​​​

If you're here, this is probably for you.

  To get offers and opportunities flowing to you, check these 4 things...

  • TIME. This is self-paced and most changes can be implemented instantly. A few tactics take more time to master, yet if you get this you'll put yourself miles ahead of any competition.

  • DISCIPLINE. Many may lack the discipline and ambition to implement the methods included here. It may take more than one attempt, yet if you persist, these unlock door after door in your career. 

  • EXPENSIVE. It's too expensive to be a paperweight. This is for smart, determined people who commit to taking action.

  • If you bring these, you can expect results.

Note: all sales final.

Just so you know...

What's the format? 

Instant digital download. You get all access the minute you complete your purchase. Even better, you get instant access to a student-only area and comment section. We're here to answer your questions.

Can I print it out?

Yep. Profile Payday is downloadable as a printable PDF FlipBook. If taking notes and flipping through pages is how you roll, you can.

FYI: there are about 107 pages (give or take) and they're a combination of graphics and text.

You can use a reader and view it on your computer, tablet too. 

How long will it take? Can I fall behind? 

Profile Payday is self-paced. Some people don't start for a few weeks and others buy on Friday and start making changes and asking questions that same day. Either works for us.


Go through the content on your schedule. ​

Some changes you can make instantly, others you may want to let marinate before making updates. And you can return to Payday any time you want to update your profile.

Can I use what I learn in other places?

Profile Payday is designed for the LinkedIn format, yet the guidance here is universal and you'll use it everywhere.

Untitled design_edited_edited.png
Note: all sales final.
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