Protect yourself from a case of bad profile

Before & After LinkedIn mini-course

For a profile that gets you a healthier career.

What if you could have a Linked Profile that made people go from

Yawn to... "You're the one!" 

 Catatonic to... "Hey, Can you talk today?"  

Meh to... $money rolling in!


All by browsing hand-picked profile samples 


... I reverse-engineer them so you can see how to

use tactics that make give you professional profile that

... You effortlessly absorb how to mastermind yours.



I made the changes you recommend and the very next day I received a call from a recruiter to schedule a phone interview... up until this I've been getting more silence than anything. 

Cynthia Weickenand, Medical Sales Specialist 

Easier than flipping through the pages of a magazine. 

A flip-book based, visual experience designed for busy professionals like you who want new opportunities to come looking for you! 

The right words in your headline, the right way.​

What to include. What to leave out. 

In your headline, your about summary. How to get them to read, click and call you. How to use what you've already go in spades to create a WOW! profile.

Easy to follow. Saves you time. 

This is an instantly downloadable PDF. All sales final.

 Attract connections. Get Propositions (the good kind.) 


How you can combine your mix of skills and experience so they attract the next job you want. 

Meet the multi-lingual, international, teacher and copywriter we did it for! 

How we deleted  the "meh" from the headline of a corporate communications specialist making her more persuasive without even trying. 

Seven proven methods for unlocking 

the superpowers of numbers to maximize your credibility and make your 

accomplishments more relatable.

The profile makeover of an award-winning sales wizard that bagged a call from a recruiter the very next day!

A 15-item checklist

you can use to be sure you're not forgetting anything. Replace overwhelm with "Got it. Check!"

A savvy Certified Project Manager and get their genius headline trick to

command respect and inspire confidence.

An about summary that hits all the high marks and gives you an easy-to-follow recipe so you can whip up your own. 

How to use something you've already got on your profile to get your fans singing your 

professional praises. This is GOLD!

The entrepreneur page tune-up where we deleted doubt-giving words and exchange a good photo and tagline for a great one!

An advertiser's technique proven to shine a light on your big wins and top assets without making you appear boasty or braggy. 

The one question you must answer on your profile. When you do, the responses and connections and kinds of offers you want roll in. 

The number one rule to follow on LinkedIn that positions you so people want to know and work with you. 

Your profile working for you and your career 24/7.

...Go from crickets to clicks

For every section, you’ll get samples and exercises that make you feel like "I can do this!"  


...Easy to use. Take these and apply them to your profile to instantly make it:

-  Pitch perfect and professional
-  Powered with words that ring true and feel right 

-  Inviting to the most hardened hiring manager 

Look it...

Start loving your online image. 

Instant access. The mini you click it let the good come to you.

You start clicking and they'll start clicking (and calling and messaging... ) Click it already!  



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