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What if you could have a Linked Profile that made people go from


Yawn to... "You're the one!" 

 Catatonic to... "Can you talk today?"  

Meh to... $money rolling in!


All by browsing hand-picked samples and summaries?


... I reverse-engineer them


... You effortlessly absorb how to mastermind yours.




I made the changes you recommended and the very next day I received a call from a recruiter to schedule a phone interview... up until this I've been getting more silence than anything. 


Cynthia Weickenand, Medical Sales Specialist 

Valuable investment!



Courtney addresses the 'You've always wanted to know but were afraid to ask'  career questions and offers smart answers and practical solutions. β€‹


Kevin Anderson-Garrity, Horticulturist

Easier than flipping through the pages of a magazine. 

A styled-for-you, sample book format for non-techies to follow and get results fast.

Let opportunities to find you

If you want the rare ability to have employers or clients connecting to you because they LOVE your LinkedIn profile. Start here today.


Tap into to the power of LinkedIn's key features - Masthead, Headline, About Summary - to attract new opportunities.


You'll know what to include. What to leave out and how to position words to stimulate action.


Easy to do. Saves you time. 

   Attract connections. Get propositions (the good kind.)   


How to combine "mismatched" skills and experience to 

attract opportunities that you want.

Seven proven ways to place numbers in your profile to make you more credible and hire-able.

How to make a headline-turn-around that took a communications specialist from stumble-over to stand out! Page 51.

An award-winning sales expert's profile makeover that brought a call from a recruiter the very next day! Page 25.

A 15-item checklist

you can use to be sure you're putting a tick in every box and not leaving anything out! Page 90.

Three headline types that get responses! 

Swipe one today and get people clicking to learn more about you and what you do. Page 70.

A template for writing your about summary that hits trips psychological 

triggers. Plus an ethical mind-trick to get them to call! Page 36.

The "Hollywood Agent" trick that 

amplifies the voice of your most adoring 

fans and wins 

new ones. Page 45.

This is GOLD! 

The entrepreneur profile makeover 

showing you how to delete words of doubt while adding ones that inspire trust. Page 12.

An advertiser's technique to 

make your

successes irresistible! Pages 31-32.

The ONE question 

to answer on your profile that will make your profile captivate. Page 21.

The number-one rule to follow on LinkedIn to have network 

everyone wants to join. Page 5. 

Your profile working for you and your career 24/7.

No time for a long course? 

Booster Shot focuses on your headline, masthead and summary in high to the point, do-this-change-that fashion so you can knock it the changes you need to make before your lunch hour is over.  Guiding you to step-by-step to get the right triggers in place so you profile does the work for you. 

Perfect for you if you're just kicking off a job hunt or you're professional wanting to refresh your brand image. Jam-packed with relevant examples you can absorb quickly. Whip your profile into top shape with a delete here and an edit there. Most important, you get a check list that presents and let's you check-off the must have elements for your profile. 


Your profile will

  • Ring true and feel right! Cue pitch-perfect words.

  • Self-assured. Poised. Classy.

  • Make readers want to "come in and take a look around."

Roll up your sleeves for your Booster Shot

If you want to...

  • Communicate directly to the audience you want craving what you offer.


  • Attract major-league decision-makers to your profile (and have them copying you!)


  • Gain momentum that gets hiring managers picking up the pace to get you in the door.


  • Entice movers and shakers to click connect.


  • Meet your ideal customer or employer and start a real conversation.


Is Booster Shot for you and what do you get? 

Is this you?

  • Do you feel like your profile "just sits there." 


  • Are you ready to move up, but feel stuck in out-dated labels and titles​?


  • Sometimes you struggle to describe your work experience in a way that brings the "Wow!" factor your actual work brings?


  • Got a case of 'Yard Sale-itus'? Not sure what to keep and what throw out?


  • Can't seem to wrangle all your content into an organized narrative that tells shows off your work in a way that's interesting to to read about.


  • Are you worried you have to "explain" parts of your work history, yet don't know how or if you should even bother? 


  • You want your profile to feel like you and "speak" in your "voice."


You get  ...

  • 90+ pages of before-and-after examples in and instant digital download and printable PDF. 


  • Instant access to a private members-only learning area and a seat at a live professional editing session, 'cause doing this on your own is hard!


  • Open space for your notes combined with exercise questions to get your creative juices flowing.


  • Free photo and design resources.


  • You can ask me anything you want in the the private comments area. Get answers to those pesky questions that can keep you stuck. 

    • Need help tweaking the opening line of your summary or closing with a just-right CTA?

    • Should you include your gold medal win in Hot Air Balloon Potato Peeling? Or that time you came in 112th in the National Spelling Bee? 


I love responding to death-defying quandaries of content! Can't wait to "talk" to you there.​


  • All delivered in tell-it-like-it-is style with a side of adult language. You won't have to dodge f-bomb craters, but "grown-up words" will be in the house.​​​

It's your time...

Reinvent your story and your career


Apply your edits in one sitting and instantly people start discovering you. You make powerful new connections and start lively conversations all by having a profile that pays off. When people see it, they take action. 


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