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Now you can make sure yours is doing its job

Get the only before & after

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Professionals eager to attract new opportunities will find this guide invaluable

get the exact steps to deliver a results-getting message to the audience that most needs what you offer. Increase your responses and save time.


It's as easy as browsing these proven profiles that show you how to...

  • AMPLIFY your value

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  • EARN RESPECT for what you do


... these before-and-afters show you what works (and why)


You quickly and easily deliver your message and see results.

"My profile got there fast because Booster Shot was excellent! 
Thank you so much for the feedback and kind words. I feel really great about my updated profile."
Sherry Goode, CPM



I made the changes you recommended and the very next day I received a call from a recruiter to schedule a phone interview... up until this I've been getting more silence than anything. 


Cynthia Weickenand, Medical Sales Specialist 

Valuable investment!



Courtney addresses the 'You've always wanted to know but were afraid to ask'  career questions and offers smart answers and practical solutions. β€‹


Kevin Anderson-Garrity, Horticulturist

Booster Shot client messages...

"I got another call about a job today.

"26 recruiter views on my profile!"


And in response to the question: 

"How many cold calls have you gotten for jobs you didn't even apply for..."

"F***ing TONS!"


Easier than flipping through the pages of a magazine. 

Your Professional 


lives online

...Your next job starts at your profile...


Suspect you have potential that's not seen or appreciated?  It's not your fault.


...Your profile sends a powerful message​...


You can use the smart strategy and proven tactics we offer - along with a few insider secrets - and communicate your full value to potential employers and clients.


These are the exact methods I used to go from a LinkedIn "wallflower" struggling to get a "like" to having a huge network of over 46k followers who offer me jobs, buy my products and connect me to even more clients and collaborators.


...This can help you too...


  1. Know what to include - a few of these will surprise you!

  2. What you can safely leave out 

  3. How to use words and tactics that make readers jump into action.


Fringe benefit: personalized responses to your questions from me or one of our team in the comments section of this program.


Get a profile that makes backbiters jealous and your admirers feel justified!





This is an expensive resource and not for everyone.

It's for patient, ambitious individuals who are willing to work and need the guidance that will get results. Scroll down to learn what's included. 

   Get propositions (the good kind.)   

...Booster Shot Gives You...

How to combine 

"mismatched" skills 

& experience 

making opportunity

come out of the woodwork.

ways you can use this ONE element all over your profile that will convey off-the-charts

credibility & trustworthiness 

Page 39.

sneaky secret 

method to make your right audience hit the brakes and make an illegal u-turn to read your profile! Page 53.

The ingenious

"re-arrange" method that got a candidate an interview in 24 hours!  Page 31.


so you know you're hitting all the marks! Page 90.

Three headline types that get responses 

and get people 

clicking to learn more about you and what you do. Page 80.

A criminally under-rated way to write your About Summary using 


triggers that "hypnotize" them to keep reading +Plus a clever, ethical mind-trick to get them to call! Page 42.

The "Hollywood Agent" trick that makes your most adoring

fans announcers of your good deeds and victories. Page 56. This is GOLD! 

How to make absolutely sure you're not using words in your profile that silently 

erode credibility and trust. Learn how to fix it on page 18.

Powerful Human Psychology "Secret"

used by jury consultants and PhDs to get people to trust and like you after reading your profile. This helped one of the biggest stars in the world win a $100 million defamation lawsuit. Page 10.


An advertiser's technique to 

make your

successes irresistible! Pages 31-32.

The dumb mistake 

even smart professionals

make on their profile. Page 23.

Three rules of thumb to follow that make others trust you and want to get know you better. Page 5. 

The proven formula used for over 122 years by the most successful marketers that reliably attracts employers. The exact steps to get this tool working for you is on page 42.

A quickie, "dummies" guide check on your profile giving you the 4 most important questions people need you to answer. Page 16.

A simple tweak you can make to instantly inspire

confidence that you can do the job. Page 54.

What never to open your About summary with and what works like a charm to make a reader think, "Eureka!" Page 73.

Booster Shot is not for novices, neophytes, new-comers or green beans 

who won't speak frankly about their abilities, wins, victories or awards. If you like chasing the dream instead of living it, take a pass. If you're more concerned with being humble than successful. opt out. This is a professional tool. Thorough and precise, professionals who use this guidance, tune their language, make thoughtful, market-tested changes and asks questions in the comments will enjoy the benefits and uncommon advantages. I do not recommend going into debt to purchase Booster Shot.

Find Your Raving Fans

I make it easy for you...

Focusing on your headline, masthead and About summary, Booster Shot gives you the exact steps to hone your profile into a one-of-a-kind calling card that gets people excited about working with you. 


Get the steps to make your story irresistible and still be your authentic and original self.


Learn the secret to dropping "bread crumbs," making readers feel you're the very thing they've been looking for. 


Perfect if you're kicking off a job hunt or want to polish your brand image. 


Jam-packed with relevant examples you can absorb quickly making them comfortable and eager to contact you. 

-- It doesn't matter if you have career "gaps."

-- It doesn't matter how long you've been unemployed.

-- It doesn't matter if you don't have decades of experience.

Enhance your assets

Discover the tool one fashion designer used to go from being ridiculed for his last name to celebrated as the golden God of the high flying Hampton's set - even though he was an "outsider."


Learn what he used to

1. Get on the inside

2. Become a billionaire with their money while,

3. Their adoration grew.

Find it on page 45.



Attract unlimited new contacts 

You get to use:

  • the #1 reason people leave without saying a word - even when they're interest in your work! And the one word you can use to make them stay and connect.


  • How to use a "subliminal" message to get others to feeling at ease about hiring you at at a higher level. Ethical and easy to do. Page 82.


  • A "paint by numbers" way to use common phrases to communicate volumes in only a few words. Instantly recognizable, these make your profile easy to read and remember. Page 56. 


  • A subconscious "mental block", you may not realize exists. It's sabotaging your job hunt! (And how to fix it.)


  • Show your best work without ego. Instead readers think, "Wow, impressive!" Page 56.​​​ You already have this, so you should definitely use it!



Booster Shot ... what do you get? 

Is this you?

  • You can deliver the goods but your profile reads like everyone else's and seems fake when you try to punch it up.


  • You want a less out-dated feel?


  • No matter how much you edit it, you can't get the "Wow!" factor work brings in real life.


  • 'Yard Sale-itus'? You don't know what to leave out and what to keep in.


  • Can't seem to organize your skills and experience into a narrative that's interesting to read.



  • Worried you have to "explain" parts of your work history, yet don't know how or if you should even bother? 


  • You want to know how to attract more interesting jobs, opportunities, and new connections.


You get  ...

  • 100+ pages of 8.5 x 11 color, before-and-after examples in instant digital download and printable PDF format.


  • Instant access to a private learning area.


  • Space to jot down notes combined with questions to get your creative juices flowing.


  • Thousands of specialized photo and design resources.


  • Ask anything you want in the the private comments area. Get answers to those pesky questions that can keep you stuck. 

    • Need help tweaking the opening line of your summary or closing with the just-right words?

    • Should you include your gold medal win in Hot Air Balloon Potato Peeling? Or that time you came in 112th in the National Spelling Bee? 


  • All delivered in an efficient, to-the-point style with a side of humor and adult language. You won't have to dodge f-bomb craters, but "grown-up words" will be in the house.​​​

... Okay, moment of truth ...  

If you're someone who
  • Implements what you learn
  • Thinks and acts strategically 
  • Is committed to being original, authentic and effective.
If that's you then don't wait to get these methods working for you.​ 


It's decision-time.


If you want Booster Shot, check these 4 things.


  • Time. Booster Shot is self-paced and most changes can be implemented quickly. A few tactics take more time to master. If you enjoy developing and refining your skills and image, this gives you that chance.


  • Discipline. Many may lack the discipline and ambition to implement the methods included here. Many of these tactics and methods are timeless. You may need more than one attempt, yet if you persist, they deliver.


  • Expense. It's too expensive to be a paperweight. This is for pros who like taking the reins.


  • Attitude:  If you believe in yourself and are unafraid to try new things. If you say "... that makes me sound too good!" or "I'm not all that!" or "What will people think!?"  It's not for you. 


  • If bring these, you can expect the results to come fast and feel good. 


Think carefully before investing. If it's the right choice for you, get this while it's still for sale publicly here​:

Here's the bottom line...

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the format? 

Fast Digital Download you access instantly. Even better, you get instant access to a student only area and comment section where our team is there to answer your questions.



What questions would I have?

The one I get most often is, "Will you look at my new headline?" Can you tell me if my new "About" section works?  Any question you have, you can ask in the Comments. 


PLUS: You can peruse the 50+  existing questions, comments and edits to get ideas and learn from others.



Can I print out Booster Shot?

Yep. Booster Shot is downloadable as a printable PDF Flip Book. If taking notes and flipping through pages is how you roll, you can.

FYI: there are about 105 pages (give or take) and they're a combination of graphics and text.

You can use a reader and view in on your computer, tablet too. 



How long will it take. Can I fall behind? 

Booster Shot is self-paced. Some people get it and don't start for a few weeks and others who buy on Friday are making their changes over the weekend and asking questions in the comments.


Go through the content on your schedule. β€‹Some changes you can make instantly, others you may want take more time to let marinate before making updates, Booster Shot is there for you any time you need to update your profile with new wins and accomplishments. (You'll have them!)



Can I use what I learn in other places?

Booster Shot is designed for the LinkedIn format, yet much of the the guidance here is universal and you may find it helpful to use it in all your professional writing and brand-building.


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