How I bounced from a globetrotting 

corporate career to helping thousands

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career-happy endings they love

After reading them, my mom put Dr. Wayne Dyer's and Jack Canfield's books on the bookshelf in our home.  That's where I found them.

They told me, "If you can see it, you can be it."  

"Works for me," I thought. (I was 12.) 

My secret life

I bounced from first-generation college grad to leading high-profile international projects for the world's biggest companies. I didn't have a "career plan," because no one told me I needed one. I learned working through the weekends to get ahead has a short shelf-life, I was killing it on the outside and burning out on the inside. 

Working crazy hours and carrying over weeks of unused vacation worked like a charm, at first...

My company was sending me all over the world to deliver impossible projects on time. And I did. Work stress was such a constant companion, I forgot what not feeling it felt like. 

Yet, getting things in my career "on-time" lost its meaning. I barely had time or energy to think about a career plan, much less execute on it. 


And when I did, I realized I really didn't know where to start, so I kept putting it off.

How could all this work not translate into a promotion, more money and more happiness?

"I just need to wait a little longer, work a little harder, get another credential." I thought, Frustration was setting in. I was in the doing the wrong thing, only harder phase. 

And I was taking longer vacations and buying more perks to make it all worthwhile (or to make it seem worthwhile). 

I was looking for a way to get off the merry-go-round and re-group when a friend invited me to attend a seminar with one of the world's top high-performance coaches,  For the fist time in over a decade, I took some of my hard earned paycheck and invested it in myself and it opened a door.


I'd taken lessons in everything from tennis to guitar, hired personal trainers and bought upgrades to first class, why had I not thought to invest in my career beyond college?

Because they told me hard work would be enough. Spoiler alert: that's an incomplete instruction set.  After that one training experience, what had been elusive were suddenly falling into may lap.

Then this happened...

I got my highest paying job in the middle of an economic downturn

It was as if someone gave me a key to open all the career doors that had been locked.  Good news: that someone was me making the choice to invest in the one person who could bring about the change I wanted in my career and my life: me


Waiting was my biggest mistake,  Because you can make more money, but you can't make more time.


Starting is the hardest part. So start here. Step one: pinpoint 

your superpower (a.k.a. core genius.) You have one. You'll know it's working when:  

You're rocking that unmistakable bulletproof-ness that comes with feeling good about where you are, what you're doing and where you're going. (Cue strut.)


I learned how to do it and you can too. 

There's a method to career success and financial independence 

Here's a trade secret:

How you navigate the space between jobs determines a lot about how far you go in your career, how much money you make and whether you drag home dead-eyed at the end of the day or feel jazzed and happy. (Where are you on that scale?)

I got my professional start  by "saving" a bombed interview with a strategically-timed email. It worked and I grabbed a (dream) job that had been slipping through my fingers. The amazing woman who hired me and encouraged me to go for my wildest career dreams is still a good friend. You gotta have at least one person like that in your career. No one does it alone. Success comes faster when you get support.

When you get the pieces in the right place. You're so "on," it feels effortless. Imagine being you - the really confident in-the-zone version of you  -  and things start naturally easing into place.

Here's how the story begins and ends...

It's been my honor and privilege to work with great companies like KPMG, Bearing Point, Deloitte and for clients like Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Cisco, and Yale University. I’ve worked and lived in Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Paris and even did a stint living in a ger in Mongolia. (Froze my butt off!!)

In 2012, I founded my company 

and started delivering keynotes and career strategy training at conferences and universities. My most popular one?

"What they're not telling you about what it really takes to get what you want in your career."  

It packed rooms.

Most fun at a conference: NABA in Vegas '16. 

My first big win as an entrepreneur:

My TEDx talk on careers

The Choices We Make. I hoped against hope it would make me as meteorically well-known as author Liz Gilbert's Ted talk made her, but then again I didn't write "Eat. Pray. Love." And hers is slightly better. The good news: it was so much fun.

Takeaway: the right information at the right time makes all the difference.

That's what I do. That's what I give you and that's what I love.

I believe everyone should have access to this kind of insider information.

It's why I started this company and every program I offer is about giving you what I spent 20 years figuring out.

If you're ready for a job and professional life that fits like your favorite jeans, a lifestyle-changing salary that frees you to use your free time and  energy the way you want, then...

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