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After reading them, my mom put Dr. Wayne Dyer's and Jack Canfield's books on the bookshelf in our house.


That's where I found them.


They extolled  "If you can see it, you can be it."  I was so down with that.

Back then, everyone preached that a college degree and hard work would take you wherever you wanted to go.


My scores in the early days


Determination, dedication and education:  10

Career savvy: 0 

backfilled my non-existent career strategy by working endless hours (while underpaid and unsure what to do about it.)  

All while leading high profile international projects for the world's biggest companies.  

In the early days, carrying over weeks of unused vacation and working through weekends moved the needle, until it didn't. 

That hardworking girl was a first-generation college grad and she was killing it on the outside and... 


Burning out on the inside 


When I sat down to map out my next career move, I drew a blank. 


I was being sent to the other side of the world to deliver impossible projects on time (and I did!)

Yet, when it came to strategizing my own career and promoting myself beyond my job, I hardly had the time and when I did, I was too ragged from work to think straight. 

I could hear missed opportunities thundering by me like a herd of wild mustangs. 

Are you the team rock star, the one who gets the important jobs because they know you deliver? 


Yet you struggle to parlay that into a promotion, a better job, more money and career good ju-ju that you know you should have (cue speaking at conferences, your articles in trade mags, being recruited for next level jobs.)


That was me then. Not getting the results I wanted is what inspired me to learn how to change it.  "If you can see it you can be it."  Those books your read when you're a kid stay with you, believe it.

When I learned how manage my career implement a strategy and promote myself and my work in a way that was not cheesy but accessible and real, everything changed.


Now I teach you how.

Start with your Superpower 


Step one: pinpoint your superpower. 


Don't worry, that's part of what I do: help you find it and use it to make potential employers trip over themselves to get you in the door. 


Step two: super power awareness (yeah, that's made up term, but so useful!) raises your confidence and gets your mojo working overtime (so you don't have to.) 


You'll know it's working when:

it's making you happy, making you money and you're rocking that unmistakable bulletproof-ness that comes with feeling good about where you are, what you're doing and where you're going. (Cue strut.)


You're thinking, "I knew this existed!" (It does.)

There's a method and a process (cue us working together.)

I box (badly) for exercise

and I have a face punch for the career bullies - ageism, gaps in your work history, ghosting (not cool) and all the other nonsense that steals your happy career. Beat it, bullies. 


I show you how to take what you've already got going for you - it's more than you think - and land a job where you rock 

your superpower and are well-paid to do it.

(You won't have to hit anyone. Pinky promise.)

Here's a trade secret

How you navigate the space between jobs determines a lot about how far you go in your career, how much money you make and whether you're dragging home dead-eyed at the end of the day and or feeling jazzed and happy. (Where are you on that scale?)

It's easy to give-in under the pressure of job hunting (and it's easy not to. That's where I come in.)

"Don't look down. You're not going that way..."


is what I'd say to panicked climbers at a ropes course job I worked once.

As soon as your chin comes up, it's a whole new world. (Try it.)


I took my college newswriting class twice.  

I didn't actually fail it. I got a D.  Since it was in my major, I thought I had to retake it. Learned later that I could have taken the D. I started reading instructions after that.

It paid off: my career advice has been published in Fast Company, Business News Daily Magazine, CIO Magazine andIn Her Sight and, of course, my blog, right here on this site. 

True fact #1: copy writing is my crush.

Courtney & copy writing TLA (extra credit if you know what "TLA" means. It's pre-texting!)

FYI: copy writing (that's writing, but for sales and marketing vs.  school term papers and email, etc.). can explode your job application response rates, LinkedIn hit rates and more. This has the power to make a huge difference in your career. I'll show you.


I was a roller derby girl before it was trendy.

My first job was at our family-owned roller rink.  Selling soda, teaching skating lessons, sweeping the floor. I even "invented" a fountain drink called the "round the world." Don't ask.

For the record:  I never had a feathered roach clip. (My mom on that: "No!")  I did have a Goody comb in my back pocket and rainbow socks - briefly.

As far back as I can remember

people have turned to me for career advice.

“Hey Courtney... 

How can I can I get an internship?

What do I say about this gap in work history?

I graduated college with a 2.0. Will they care? 

How do resign with out flubbing it?

I'm a rock star here, why aren't they promoting me? 

Can you help me with my salary negotiation?"

I got my start

by "saving" a bombed interview (at my dream company!) with a strategically-timed email to grab the job I could feel slipping through my fingers. (Come back here!)

The amazing woman who hired me and encouraged me to go for my wildest career dreams is still a good friend.


True fact #2:  every car I’ve ever owned has been a stick shift. I love how uncommon this is now.(Cue effortless rebellion.)


That's what your success is like when you get the pieces in the right place. You're so "on," it feels effortless.

Imagine being you - the really confident in-the-zone version of your  -  and things start naturally easing into place.


You're the cool, confident, in-the-know one.


Employers want you (and are willing to pay for you.)


Recruiters court you and 


Former colleagues message asking if you're available for a consulting gig or an opening at their company.

Oh yeah. you make more money. There's that, too. 

True fact #3: I love road trips, train trips, hardcover books and I know where you can get the best Cuban Coffee in the world (and the second best, too.) 

I have chronic wanderlust

which explains why I spent a decade as an expatriate pulling together project teams and chasing crazy project deadlines throughout US, Europe and Asia. 


It's been my honor and privilege to work with great companies like KPMG, Bearing Point, Deloitte and for clients like Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Cisco, and Yale University.

Passport stamp collector

I’ve worked and lived in Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Paris and even did a stint living in a ger in Mongolia.

(Froze my butt off!!)

In 2012, I founded my company 


and started delivering keynotes and career strategy training at conferences and universities. My most popular one by far?


"Here's what they're not telling you about what it really takes to get what you want and be happy in your career."  

It packed the rooms.

Most fun at a conference: NABA in Vegas '16. 

My first big win as an entrepreneur:

My TEDx talk on careers


The Choices We Make. I hoped against hope it would make me meteorically well-known as author Liz Gilbert's Ted talk made her, but then again I didn't write "Eat. Pray. Love." And hers is slightly better. The good news: it was so much fun.

True fact #4: Kirschbaum means cherry tree in German. I don't speak German​, but people who do have been telling me this my whole life. Courtney means: Courtney.

I got help. Everyone does.

No one does it alone.


Getting the no BS advice and mentoring of a few key supporters who knew the way changed the course of my career.


Any crazy successful person will tell you the same,


Takeaway: the right information at the right time makes all the difference. That's what I do. That's what I give you and that's what I love.

I believe everyone should have access to this kind of insider information. That's why I started this company and every program I launch is about giving you what I spend 20 years figuring out.


And that's why I offer scholarships for all of my programs andwe donate a portion of company profits to causes that work for social justice, education and freedom. 

If you're ready for a career that fits like your favorite jeans, a plump happy salary that feels better than an unexpected tax refund and jazzed at the end of the day freedom, then...

Take the first step

Join me in my free class or download a cheatsheet of actions that will change your game and take you up a level as soon as you start taking them, (Scout's Honor!). 

Thanks for coming by and by all means let's connect on LinkedIn, I'm there (a lot!) 

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