How I went from the brink of burnout to helping thousands of professionals love their career.

Long before I gave a TEDx talk or delivered training to world class companies, I was a green-as-grass, first-generation college grad with huge dreams.


My first break? Getting "discovered" on a college project recruited to travel around the state giving a keynote talk to thousands of state employees.


Cool job huh? After doing a great job, here's how I blew it.


I was so helplessly naive about how to communicate my experience and what I could do, I never once mentioned it.

A few years and many mistakes later, I scored my "dream job" working overseas at the headquarters of a blue chip company. 


Flying all over the globe doing this "big time" job, I was flying by the seat of my pants, too. Scared to death of making a misstep. 


 My career was as exciting as it was out of my control. 

Working crazy hours, traveling the world and banking unused vacation...

Flash forward 10 years...

Plagued by a chronic case of "What's taking so long?" ​

I thought doubling down on my work would make it all come together.

If I'm honest, it became my way of hiding a bigger problem

The secret 

I figured out hard work wasn't the single track to success, maybe you have too. 

What's the deal? Did I miss a class in college?  Skip that day at school? 

The brutal truth is I saw a lot of smart, hard working folks doing the actual work that raised the profiles of a smaller clique of executives who seemed to be enjoying chronic case of being in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time a and moving ahead fast playing politics.

The realization:  long hours, hard work were bringing a massive case of burnout. I'd never learned how to manage my career and was paying dearly for it and so were most of the people I worked with. 

Enough was enough. I hadn't signed up for indentured servitude.

I took a stand with one SHOCKING move...

I left my job and took a year-long sabbatical.

Friends were skeptical. Family questioned. Eyes rolled.

Over that year I completed training with the top high-performance coaches in the world, took courses that had nothing to do with my "career" and let instincts and intuition guide me. I learned a lot. For example...

I learned the indispensable elements of success they don't teach in school or your job. 

A few month's into this journey, a close family member called and asked, "What are you doing?! When are you going to get a job?!" 


"I've got a plan." I said.


They weren't convinced and to be honest, I was shaken, "What if I was wrong?"

That was the year I cracked the code. All that was left to put it to the test a in "real life."

At my sabbatical's end, in the middle of one of the worst economic downturns in history, I landed a job with a mind-blowing salary and benefits.


Finally! I discovered the key to open doors I'd been trying to get through for years!

Biggest mistake?

Waiting. Because you can make more money, but you can't make more time.


In a nutshell, I learned this truth...

There is no justice, only power

If you don't know how to manage your career to gain strategic advantage, you can easily waste years. Most people do. 


  • Starting your next job knowing you made the best deal for you. 

  • Moving on without worry, because you don't fear the uncharted territory of unemployment.

  • Knowing the precise steps to get the situation and salary you want. 

  • Freedom and professional satisfaction that feel effortless.

It's possible. And I never would have believed it.

It's all 100% learnable

If you're tired of working and waiting and the glacially slow pace of the average career. You're in the right place. 


In 2012, I founded my company. 


Delivering keynotes at conferences and universities, my most popular talk showed me I was on to something...

"7 things they're not telling you about what it 

really takes to get the career you want"


People packed the room. Why? Because a lot of people aren't getting the recognition, salary and careers they deserve because they never learned how to market themselves and their work effectively. Times have changed andJob Hunting is marketing. 


Vital, career-transforming tactics and strategies are hard to come by and for this reason they're exactly what I've discovered, synthesized, systemized and share with you on this site and in my programs. Working hard is not a differentiator. Knowing more is.

I believe everyone should have access to this life-changing information

Our program are about giving you what the in-the-know folks wink at each other about and while keeping you in the dark. 

We aren't for everyone

We respect that everyone has different beliefs. If you believe...

  • You have an obligation to "pay" your dues", even when no one tells you how much or for how long

  • Your boss should manage your career and will tell you when you're "ready."

  • You need to be in your cubicle every day of the week.

  • They'll make up for under-paying you "later"  (since you're so loyal and all.)

  • Two weeks of vacation is plenty!

If that's you, no worries. Our tactics and methods are probably not going to be a fit.

However, if freedom and career satisfaction sound good to you ... welcome inside. I'm thrilled you're here!

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