Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will it take to update my resumé or LinkedIn?

On average, 10-12 days depending on your responsiveness to our questions. Tip: start before you're ready for the best result. 

How much do you charge?

Packages are as priced. Need more info? Book an introductory session. You get the best professional materials and expert counsel 

Read what kind of clients we work best with here. 

After I get a new job, what else is there? 

Free annual updates to your resumé and Linkedin and a career expert on-call whenever you need one. You're always ready.  Careers are unpredictable and professionals are changing jobs more often and taking second jobs. Your membership gives you 24/7 support to get answers to your one-off career questions or you can schedule regular coaching sessions. Each month, you'll earn credit you can apply toward coaching. Members get 50% off any new offering and all existing ones. 

Can I pause my membership and not lose my banked credits?

Yes. After the initial 12-month commitment, you can suspend your membership and keep your credits and resource privileges for $9.99 per month. During this time you will not have access to complimentary LinkedIn and resumé updates, yet you're welcome to use your existing credits to purchase them. If you cancel your membership, you forfeit all accumulated credits.

Do you work with people in my industry?

We work with professionals we know we can help no matter the industry.  Typically Fortune-500 and like employers. We've enjoyed enormous success working with project and program managers from multiple industries, all levels of IT professionals, Big Four and finance professionals including C-level executives, directors, venture capitalists, accountants, consultants, engineers, lawyers, software developers, analysts, environmental engineers, boat captains, diplomats, educators, and many more. Curious? Just ask. 

Why you don't have a thousand reviews with lots of stars? 

Our clients prefer to be discreet and let their materials do the talking.  We offer a personal service to people who are smart and strategic when it comes to achieving their career goals. If you're reading this, chances are you heard about us through a peer, friend, or an article shared by a colleague. If you'd like more information, we're happy to provide references. See success stories here.

Do you do everything on my LinkedIn Profile?

You get a custom-designed masthead, targeted headline, professionally copy written About summary, and Experience listings. You also get a profile settings checklist and recommendations summary.

I want something else.

No problem. If we've worked together before, book an ad-hoc session here.   If you're not sure how to proceed, drop our team an email and we'll make a recommendation. If we've never worked together before, start with a 30-minute consult.