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How would it feel to announce, "I"m ready for a new job!" And have a whole team spring into action on your behalf?


Your LinkedIn profile, resumé and cover letter professionally copyedited and your career administered by experts. Delegate the essential elements of your career to us and relax knowing they're up-to-date whenever you decide to make a move.

Never worry about your career again

A few of the publications who've featured my advice and some of the incredible companies who hire our clients

What our clients say

Courtney's executive and professional coaching knowledge are where I have found her to have tremendous insight and amazing skills to help people grow, find their inner strength and move to places they may have thought out of reach. Courtney is able to see through to people's strong points and help them build on those.” 

—  Leigh Underwood, Global Program Manager

How It Works

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1. Choose a package

Choose the package below that's a fit for you. Once you complete your purchase you'll receive your materials and next steps. 

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2. Next Steps

You'll hear from your assigned copywriter immediately via email. Have questions? We'll answer them. It's easy.

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3. You Can Relax

Each package offers one-year of support. Courtney personally conducts all strategy sessions. 

Our process is simple


Flexible Pricing

Choose the right fit for you and your career

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Regularly $899
Regularly $1299

We do not automatically re-subscribe clients to our services and never charge you without notification.

You will be notified when your Career Services subscription year expires.

Book a 15-minute information session.

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How Do Career Management Services Work?

Benefits of a Career Service   β€‹


  • You have your own personal career majordomo and the sharpest materials this side of the Rio Grande.


  • We collect all your career-related achievements, events including the key numbers and details vital to effectively promoting you. 


  • Your resumé and LinkedIn are always current.


  • Most recent versions are always easily found on your portfolio on our shared drive. 


  • Private strategy sessions each year. Prepare for an interview, negotiation, or an offer review and response.


  • Reliable HR experts and a trusted source for current US employment law and how it impacts you.


Your First 12 months of Career Management services are included in the Platinum package at a 25% discount. Career Management services are $97 per quarter or $330 annually.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take? 

Usually 10-14 days for your profile and resumé. 


Do you make revisions?

Yes. Two email revisions for Gold package customers. Platinum customers have the option of doing this via Zoom. 


How much do you charge? 

Packages are as priced. Read the offering closely. Email us if you have questions.

Your Career Management subscription service may be postponed for six months and resumed. You are free to cancel anytime. At You may cancel any time and services will expire at the end of that quarter.  

You may request a full refund at your resumé/profile first review. Be sure it's a fit. Read what kind of clients we work best with here.


I'm not ready to job hunt. I can wait, right?

Here's a smarter move: if you're planning on job hunting in the next two quarters, join today, to take advantage of reduced pricing before it expires. Meet your Career Manager and set up your portfolio. When you're ready to start we have everything we need to jump into action.


Can you help someone in my industry?

If we can't, we'll tell you. We've enjoyed enormous success working with project and program managers from multiple industries, all levels of IT professionals, Big Four and finance professionals including C-level executives, directors, venture capitalists, accountants, consultants, engineers, lawyers, software developers, analysts, environmental engineers, boat captains, diplomats, educators, personal assistants, and many more. Curious? Just ask.


What's a cover letter template?  

When cover letters are required, it's best if they're custom-written. We provide one custom cover letter for Platinum clients. Gold and Platinum clients will receive a cover letter template for composing an effective one quickly and easily.


Do you do everything on my LinkedIn Profile?  

We provide a new masthead, headline, About summary, and three previous Experience listings. We provide a profile settings checklist and recommendations summary.


Will you load my new profile into LinkedIn?  

Unfortunately, due to LinkedIn's Fort Knox meets the Pentagon security features, we can't. We provide you with instructions to update your new profile.


Why you don't have a thousand reviews with lots of stars?  

We cater to and work with a self-selected group of discriminating professional clients. The vast majority of our clients prefer to be discreet and let their materials do the talking for them. We're happy to provide samples of our work.


Does the information session cost anything?  

No. There's no point in putting up barriers to helping you get the information you need. These 15 minutes are sometimes necessary to determine fit and allow you to proceed with confidence. To be clear, this is not a free review or editing session,


6 reasons to delegate to us

  1. Your materials are professional quality and always ready to show.

  2. Protect yourself from restrictive clauses that can trap you.

  3. Never again say, "But first I have to update my resumé." 

  4. Save time, money and delegate to experts who are doing what they love.

  5. Your resume is scan tested.

  6. You'll have employment law resources and HR professionals on your side.

  7. You'll contribute to giving a children the gift of reading and books.


We donate a portion of our profits to support literacy and free books for children.


Is This for You?

Who we work with (and who should take a pass.)

We work best with


  • Professionals who respect the power of marketing and intelligent copy and executives who allocate their time deliberately and delegate with ease.


  • Rock stars from any industry. If we can't manage your songbook, we'll say so.


  • Individuals who recognize the competitive edge professional agility offers.


  • You recognize the advantages inherent in having your work presented with authenticity and relevance.

Take pass if 


  • You're a bargain shopper looking for a volume superstore where every resumé re-hashes the same tired phrases, "highly-organized, results-driven {insert title} with a demonstrated history of accomplishment." 


  • You haven't mastered the art of delegation. We understand, but we're not a fit. 


  • Distinction, recognition, or even mild self-promotion make you itch.


  • You have an affinity for the phrase, "I'd like to speak to the manager." β€‹

Still not sure if this is for you? Book a 15-minute information session 

Get Started Today

Free yourself to focus on what matters 

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C-level IT Executive Client

...One part agent and one part campaign manager. Hiring Courtney's team is the best thing I've ever done for my career."


We donate a portion of our profits to support literacy and free books for children.