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Save time navigating the chaotic job market


Let specialists with expert skills and experience work for you


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Escape the endless cycle of job hunting and step into a brighter, more fulfilling future with Job Hunt For Me. Your pathway to a happier professional life is just a few steps away. Begin by taking our no-strings-attached assessment today.

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From Courtney:

"Stop wasting time and get a new job faster."


What people are saying...

"These are the resources you've been looking for to help with your search. Do yourself a favor and learn a faster way to connect yourself with results." 

-Brad Donze

"I am much happier and satisfied in my career, and my salary has nearly tripled." 

-David Lichacz

"... the key to stepping forward into the career you want."

-Nina McCollum

Here's what you get

  • A dedicated account manager who understands job hunting and a team that's successful when you're successful

  • Custom professional résumé

  • LinkedIn profile update. Most candidates get a new job after a decision-maker views their profile

  • Custom cover letters. We'll write them
  • Easy-to-use templates for those vital LinkedIn testimonial requests and reminders for follow-ups

  • A Market research report for your profession or industry

  • Insight into localized employment trends in 20 of the largest U.S. metro areas

  • A clear 8-word position statement

  • Your materials and achievements are optimized and applied to your custom marketing plan 

  • We provide you with three relevant social posts for LinkedIn each week and schedule them. Posting 3x a week can increase your visibility by 120%.  


  • Ghostwriting an article on LinkedIn, Medium™, or for a professional association or industry publication. Less than 3% of LinkedIn members write articles, and they sell you better than your résumé

  • Get an online reputation report. We'll set up a monitor for your online reputation and clean up any red flags

  • A curated list of industry-specific online forums or groups to join

  • We customize your connection requests, provide templates, and send you reminders to take action

  • Create Job alerts on various job search websites set up for you

  • Set up and monitor an email exclusively for your job hunt

  • We write for you, obtain your approval, edit, and send your "Thank You" notes

  • Your résumé submitted to headhunters and professional recruiters

  • A list of companies and a sample note to send unsolicited inquiries (This is the most effective method for experienced hires.)


  • Have a custom request? Bring it to us. We're here for you

  • We take care of all the tasks and research, and you get your time back 

Picture this: a tailored approach that brings out the best in you.

Reclaim over 100 hours and over $5,000 while getting a better job faster.

How it Works


First, take our assessment.

We'll contact you within 24 hours.

If it's a fit, your job hunt team will start working immediately. 

Your résumé and LinkedIn are revised, and we set up everything to optimize your job hunt.

Your team manages everything. Relax, we've got you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I'm Courtney. Nice to meet you.

After over ten years of working with job seekers, it became clear that two elements make it hard!

First, not knowing what's on trend and what's out of fashion since your last job hunt. Next, there's so much to do and so little time to do it! That's why I created Job Hunt for You. 

Our mission is to help you feel less stressed and more organized so that you're able to do more, achieve more, and earn more.
Job Hunt for Me founder Courtney Kirschbaum


  • Wasting your time and energy on administration


  • Doing repetitive tasks


  • Stress and disorganization


  • Using your time and energy on high-impact tasks


  • Achieve and earn more


  • Organized, efficient and stress-free

Don’t wait! Take control of your life today.



Letting experts manage your job hunt is smarter.