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You get an expert assessment of your resumé and LinkedIn profile.

Are your resumé and LinkedIn good enough to attract the job you want? If you're not sure, the One & Done is perfect for you. Showing you where you stand and giving you the exact next steps to an impeccable resumé and LinkedIn that take you where you want to go.

First, your resumé and LinkedIn get professional analysis paired with recommendations so your materials are in top form and competitive. Then, we'll meet for one hour, via Zoom, and I'll walk you through tactical changes and your strategic options. You make changes on your schedule.

You'll also get Linkedin Booster Shot.

Booster Shot is a downloadable 100+ page PDF that gives you only what you need to know along with step-by-step guidance and real-life examples so you can compose a compelling profile that attracts the kind of opportunities that interest you. Also, enjoy access to a private career forum where I answer your questions about your profile. The perfect complement to a modern job hunt or career change, this normally retails for $127. 

You get the entire One & Done package, a one-hour review session with Courtney, and LinkedIn Boost for $399.

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