• Courtney Kirschaum

5 EASY MOVES for a truly amazing LinkedIn profile

What follows are proven steps to make your investment on LinkedIn more worthwhile and profitable.

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Imagine ...

Recruiters messaging you asking, "Can you talk today?"

Clients-in-waiting asking, "How can I work with you?"

It's easier than you think turn on the proverbial spigot of people connecting to you get what you're happy to offer.

Here are 5 steps to get you started

These took me profile from 1800 connections in 11 years to 27,000 followers in one year and over 46k today.

1. People love and respond to quality pictures

A custom masthead photo makes a big difference to anyone looking at your profile. Period.

Would you have clicked this article without a picture?

Pay attention to why you click - almost always it's a photo, the headline or a combination of both that pull you in. Choose a photo that's high resolution and professional.

People love pictures and high quality, well-chosen ones strengthen your profile

There are thousands of (free) photos you can use to increase your visibility (That info is coming in just a sec.)

A professional photo that's relevant, gorgeous, interesting - you choose - will make your profile more interesting and visually pleasing.

More importantly, a custom masthead photo shows you made an effort here.

When you take your professional image seriously, people take you more seriously and you get the calls, the interviews, the clients, whatever you're looking for on LinkedIn.

A better than average profile speaks volumes.

2. Your headline has to answer... "What's in it for me?"

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” David Olgivy

Bump that to 90 cents, because on LinkedIn, your headline follows you everywhere.

You don't have to craft a massively clever (or funny) headline to be successful.

Your headline (and you) will be a thundering success, as long as it answers one question: "What’s in it for me?"

The "me," in this case, being whoever's reading your headline. Appeal to the reader. Speak to what they need.

Unless you're a sex therapist, a super hero or an astronaut, your job title as your headline is probably not going to inspire a click. Job titles are boring, how you solve people's problems is not, at least not to them.

The first impulse to use your title as your headline rarely inspires people to click through to your profile and that's your #1 goal.

Here's an easy fix:

Take it a bit further. CIO becomes... "Chief Information Officer specializing in IT transformations and spin-offs"

If you're a recruiter or decision maker who needs an ace transformation architect this headline will pull them into your profile, whereas, CIO or Senior Architect offers very little information.

Giving data beyond your title lets the reader start creating a mental picture of you helping them solve their problem.

Moving on...

When you add these next two elements, your profile will work 24/7, while you're taking care of business elsewhere.

3. Putting good keywords in your profile pays off every single day. Keywords play the second largest factor in whether you get in front of recruiters, hiring managers, decision-makers or clients. 

Plant them right, and they’ll boost you to a dazzling level of visibility. (Provide you pair this with the first factor... wait for it.)

The jobseekers I know who’ve had major breakthroughs on LinkedIn, kick it off by seeding their profile with precise, detailed keywords. Shoot for 8 to 10.

Keywords? Boring right? Yeast is boring too, until you realize it's responsible for bread that isn't the consistency of a stone tablet.

This is what one convert to keywords wrote to me last week:

“Phenomenal! I made the changes you recommended, and the very next day, I received a call from a recruiter to schedule a phone interview… up until this, I’ve been getting more silence than anything.” 

4. The "first factor" and most reliable way to increase your success here ... Like and comment on posts and articles.

That's what I left out of my strategy here when the needle wasn't moving. 'Like' and comment and share and LinkedIn will repay the favor by showing your posts and profile to more people.

You'll get found in more searches. It works.

Try it and see for yourself.

(TIP: update your profile first because people are going to head there in droves when you do this.)

When you like, comment and share, LinkedIn raises your visibility.

Tip: Emojis make it easy to comment. And a 👍🏼 gets you the same bump as a sentence.

Start right now

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True Story:

The Wall Street Journal published an article in December: "NYC Coffee Startup Tamps Down Bro Culture by Hiring Philosopher." One of the Kitu Life founders saw a LinkedIn post by his former philosophy professor. A glance at his profile tells him his former professor specializes in solving the very problem his company is struggling with. They meet for coffee (what else!) and the rest is history.