7 things I learned from 6 years in the "Abyss"

Updated: Apr 1

When I was starting my business, I had some vague ideas of what it would be like.

Being my own boss.

No more ridiculous office politics.

An exciting journey of discovery awaited me! (Did. It. Ever.)

The things I'd need to do to be successful would be simple and straightforward. 

Things like ...

Name my company - check. Get a logo  - check. Professional headshots - check. Social media pages  - check, check, check. A website - check.

That's a sampling of what you think of. 

Because why would you go to the Small Business Development Center less than a block from your apartment (it was) and use all the completely free information and resources specially designed for people starting a small business?

Why would you walk the 100 steps and get, say, a checklist of things that will keep you from draining your savings and having regular anxiety attacks?? 

Nahhhhhhh! that makes far too much sense! Just wing it.

"You don't need no training! You've been fire-hardened in the kiln of corporate America!"  

Jump into the abyss with no parachute or life preserver!

After all, it's only time, money and mental health you're frittering away.

You start with a vision that you'll do only what you love 🦄 🌈😊

and pay "someone" to do those things you don't like☹️🤮 

How will you pay for all these things?

You'll use the vast amounts of money you make in your business beginning day one (with no experience as an entrepreneur!)

This scenario is the first cousin of another scenario you might recognize:

Imagine a group of friends drunk on rum in a beach bar on a tropical island🏝 and someone, maybe even you, says,

"We should buy this bar!"  

As a new entrepreneur, you hallucinate that every vendor you hire to do any job will be the best person in the world at their job.

Taxes, websites, social media advertising, you name it!

Whatever you need, they'll deliver genius-level work, on-time and at prices so reasonable you end your business meetings with a hug instead of a handshake!

They'll be the Gayle to your Oprah.  

Your mistakes (on the rare occasions you make them) will be small both strategically and financially. (TINY!!)

At this point, anyone who's had their own business, has stopped reading this and is rolling around on the floor laughing.

And to you, my brother, sister or other in entrepreneurship, I throw a 👊 in the spirit of survival and solidarity.

Cause, as they say where I'm from,

"The reality ain't nothing like what you see on T.V."

And you don't have to be an entrepreneur to know it.

It's a foregone conclusion that college doesn't prepare you for what work is really like.

That there's (way) more to success than "hard work."  

Politics and having insider info. play a part.

Despite all the talk of "teams," workplaces are rife with competition.

Almost no one tells you they got a leg up. 

Sharing some trick or tool they learned that helped them to succeed?   Practically unheard of.

People want you to think they, "did it all on their own." 

The reality is, with the right information you can do incredible things on your own.

In the spirit of, "This is the stuff you need to know yet no one tells you."

Here's a

"This is exactly what I needed to know!"

or perhaps, 

"Why didn't they teach me this in college?!"

It's what I wish someone had given me the day I graduated and then six years later when I was looking for work again and then again.

And whenever I wanted to make a career shift and had no idea where to start. 

People are signing up like crazy from the post (below) I shared on LinkedIn a few days ago.

One of them said this:

"Thank you! This is gold! I just scribbled out something in 5 minutes. ... it's made my life easier. I can work with this."

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