A stranger told me where to stick it

I’m packing up and leaving for new places. Don't worry, I’ll be back to Key West (It’s my “I wish I could quit you” destination.) But for now, I'm out.

Here's something few people move enough to know: how do it reveals a lot about you.

It started in 2007, when I unloaded a houseful of stuff (two yard sales!) and moved only what I could fit in my car to a ski town in Colorado sight unseen!

That was before they'd even invented the term: “digital nomad,” but I was doing it from about '97.

It started with me living the Hollywood-type bi-coastal thing from San Fran in my twenties. Fun.

Then I moved to Amsterdam where it really took off.

Here’s the thing about moving – slow or fast, you have to cut the crap.

It comes down to answering this: "What can I carry in my life?"

And you have to be ruthless or you carry your stuff on your back. And that's exhausting.

There’s a secret to it. Here goes:

Version 1 of my Colorado “escape,” was going to be a POD. Even with my phat corporate salary, I thought… too EXPENSIVE!

Next brilliant idea: U-haul pull-behind trailer. I even had a trailer hitch installed on my new car.

A good friend told me straight up: “Courtney, if you do that there won’t be a mailbox standing between here and the Rocky Mountains."


“Storage it is!!”

When I shared this idea, another friend offered this:

“Courtney, I broke my back paying to keep my stuff in storage for two years. When I finally got it out, I couldn’t remember half of what I’d put in there and threw most of it away. Don’t do it!"

All those “ideas” were just ways to delay making decisions about who I was, who I wanted to be and what I wanted out of my life.

Stuff is where we hide our… stuff.

I unloaded a lot of crap from my house, but also from my head.

We can’t always do it ourselves but it doesn’t require special qualifications for others to help us.

It just requires someone who’s not in the picture to make an observation about the picture.

And you never stop needing it.

Case in point.

My Key West ride is beloved beater bike with a classic Amsterdam bike bell, coconut drink holder, stains on the handle bars from the last Zombie Bike ride and assorted lights and baskets - in other words. tricked out to tropic perfection.

Bought it used. Loved it hard.

Yeah, I’m attached to it. When I wheel my beloved bike by a guy working nearby he says, “You could sell that on Facebook for $50.” While I was pining the personal, he was calculating the profitable. Took pictures, posted it that night, it was gone the next. Hell yeah!

Someone else’s perspective will help you make sense of it all (and make money from a lot of it, as it turns out!)

We’re always moving and there's always something to cut. And you feel better unloading stuff. When the guy walked away with the bike, I was a little more free than the day before. And you will be too. Next time I email, it’ll be from the road and while I’m moving to…wherever's next. I’ll be kicking off my next big thing while I’m motoring (remote work... YES!!) If you could use some magic perspective, get on the waitlist below. We kick off next week (Looking like Tuesday) and wait listers get this perspective giving, cut-the-crap machine first. +Plus some special goodies. Thinking about it? Good! Put the “thing” on eBay and put your name on the list below. (report to the iPad) And yeah, this waitlist is busting at the seams more than my “skinny” (don’t make me laugh) jeans, but we’ll make room for you! 👇Below the iPad is where you get on the list, then check your inbox for a smile:-) You'll see. Courtney P.S. I use these 5 questions to get me through it.

  1. Would I buy this item for full price today? Admit it. You wouldn't!

  2. Is this item really worth the space it's taking up in my home? The answer is every weight machine and P90X DVD you ever saw in a thrift store

  3. Do I own a similar item that I like better? Tell the truth: how many saved plastic Cool Whip containers do you need?????

  4. Would it impact my daily life not to have this item? HA!

  5. Could this item be useful/helpful to another person? Re gift!! 👇Click the iPad to get on the list, then check your inbox for a smile :-) You'll see.

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