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Which one you choose determines your fate...

Imagine this. 

It's a perfect afternoon in that enticing early-spring, first-warm-Saturday-in-forever kind of way.

And, it’s the first day in 10 that it hasn’t rained.  Somebody on your street rushed out to cut the grass.  It reminds you of whatever freshly mowed grass reminds you of.  (Because, face it, freshly mown grass is one of the smells that reminds everyone of something.) Take it a little further.

Picture yourself on the porch, deck or dock, lazing around with your friends. 

Nothing on the agenda but hanging out and doing nothing.  Somebody, maybe you, starts talking about things you're interested in doing. You know, those things you store in the mental shoebox called “Someday Plans,” which are next to the file named, “Things I think of when I smell fresh cut grass.”  It's full of things you keep to yourself most of the time.  You only open this shoebox with the people who present no risk of saying,  “Aren’t you a little old for that?”

 “…never going to happen”

or,  “You can’t make any money doing that.” It begs the question…

What do you talk about when you talk about what you want to do?

When you talk about what plays you’re going to make and what shots you’re going to take as the game clock counts down, are you going to Write a book? Live at the beach? Vacation on that Greek island with the whitewashed houses? Find your soul mate?  Climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Be the boss? Start your own company? Take the kids to Disney? Ride in a hot air balloon?  Go to Italy to Eat, Pray and Love?  Learn to Kiteboard? Run a marathon? Fly in a private jet? Go to that conference, class, training?  Hike the PCT?  What’s in your shoebox? What are you interested in doing?  Maybe you’re in the first quarter or maybe you’re in the fourth.

You’ve still got some plays you can make

High on cut grass, you mention one of the things on your "interested in doing" list with your friends.

Your ride-or-die looks at you and says… “Are you interested or are you committed?"  

(Your friend has a way of getting to the heart of the matter, it's one of the reasons you're friends.) In your life, what have you committed to?  

How did it turn out? 

What's on your "interested in" list?

What needs to move from "I" to "C" ?

What's it time for you to commit to?

Make your move.

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