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Are you prolonging your job hunt by forgetting this?

This tiny thing will make your job hunt shorter.

Imagine you're in the Rocky Mountains in February. It's freezing. You're freezing. The snow is 3 feet deep, and you have to sleep outdoors.

Oh, add to that, it's the 1800s, so no REI.

How do you stay warm?

In one of my all-time favorite movies, "Jeremiah Johnson" - J-John in today speak - is freezing and hungry when he meets a man named Bear Claw - picture the love child Yosemite Sam and Bear Grylls.

Bear Claw is older, wiser, and thriving alone in the high Rockies.

He becomes J-John's mentor, teaching him how to survive.

Here's Bear Claw's stay warm at night trick.

Take the still-hot coals from your fire - where you've just cooked a woodland creature on a spit - bury the coals in the dirt, and sleep on top of them.

All warm and toasty!

Since it's freezing, that's what they do.

In the middle of the night, Jeremiah Johnson jumps up. He's dancing and smackin' himself like his @ss is on fire, cause it is!

The commotion wakes Bear Claw from his cozy slumber. He glances over and says, "Didn't put enough dirt down. Saw it right off."

The takeaway?

Do the right thing the wrong way, and you still get burned.

Do it right, and you get "the nod."

The nod says...


"This one knows a thing or two!"

"This one gets it."

Or my personal favorite, "Day-um!"

The nod rules.

Do you ever feel like Jeremiah Johnson? Taught how to operate one way, and then the rules completely change? If no one taught you the new rules, get them in the LinkedIn Boost mini-course, and learn how to use LinkedIn to your advantage quickly and easily. You'll not only shorten your job hunt, but you'll also have knowledge you can share. Learn how to cut through the noise and make them skip right to the interview. Seriously, just skip right to the buy button. Take it from me: You want this. Get it and dive in.

Start LinkedIn Boost now. Mountain's got its own ways.


PS - This closes this Friday, June, 9, at 7 pm ET. If you're going to get it, get it now. Get Linkedin Boost.


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