Be careful! These are on the rise

"Oh, I better answer this call."

it's from

my area code.

An authority like...

The police


The Social Security Administration

Whatever wedge it takes to get you to crack open the door and peek out.

This week, two friends have told me about brushes with Social Security scams.

In each case, references to the police were used to scare the person.

One scammer called the mother of a friend.

She was home alone.

The caller ID was falsified to say it was from the county attorney's office.

They told her she was in trouble.

They told her the police would come to her house.

Fate intervened.

Her phone battery died while she was on the line with them.

Another friend got a call telling him his social security number had been compromised.

He realized it was a scam, yet he worried about it for a few days,

Even if you don't lose a dime, being targeted is upsetting.

You might resent yourself for every second you believed.

It stays with you.

Scams are on the rise.

Know this:

These scammers are skilled pros.

They scam good, smart people out of money on a regular basis.

Be careful.


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