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Career resources for Fortune 500 job seekers

Do you have a friend who just knows things? If you have a problem, they have an app you can download, a vitamin you can take, or some spot-on suggestions. Their hit rate is freakishly high.

I had just such a friend, Jill. Every time we talked, I'd yammer on about what I was working on, and she'd casually say, "Oh, you should try Canva for that." Or, "Have you tried Doodly?" Tried it? I'd usually never heard of it!

I don't know where she got her info, but it always was solid. If I did drugs, she'd be my dealer.

To say thanks for being here, for helping me with puzzles, and for everything, here's a compilation of career resources I both recommend to my clients and many of which I use religiously.

Some of Jill's suggestions are here, along with things I use that have proved to be rock solid over the years. These aren't just career resources for Fortune 500 job seekers, there's lots more, but if that's you, you'll be glad you clicked!

If you have suggestions for additions to this list, bring 'em. As always, you can just hit reply to this email.

If you've clicked on this resource list before, click again because I'm always adding and taking away. Enjoy! Stay cool!

PS - here's the link:


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