Change this and things started falling into place...finally!

Your doctor asks...

"Have you had any pain here?"

"Over the past year have you...?"

"When you stand up quickly do you ...?"

"Yes, yes, That's me! I have all of that."

If you've ever chased a diagnosis as hard or even harder than a "cure," you know how those questions can build until you're about to burst and finally you ask... "WHAT IS IT?"

You want someone to diagnose you because you know not ony treatment but the quality of your treatment depends on the quality of the diagnosis.

Your doctor or medical group probably has an online portal where you can get all your information.

Usually it has two parts.

One part is numbers, fractions and ranges. Pretty boring and only gets interesting when you see trends.

Is the low-cholesterol diet working? Is work stress causes your blood pressure to creep up?

Then way down at the bottom are the doctor's notes.

The Diagnosis.

That's the human part where in plain language you get told what the hella is happening.

That's what we want to know.

But it gets over-shadowed by the treatment.

Yet isn't it the diagnosis where the trust is built, the faith is secured? The right diagnosis says, "You see me. You believe me."

If you're looking to get hired or sell your wares, try this.

Speak to the diagnosis instead of the cure.

Good doctors always take it in that order.

It's a big part of what establishes trust and authority and it will work for you, too.

Hopefully, this metaphor helps you get closer to connecting with the people you want work with and for. When I heard it the first time, I loved it.

Try it and they'll be on you like a lab coat on a doctor. Let me know how it goes.

Want more? The details are in Booster Shot this month.


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