The "Golden Bridge" Strategy

There's a strategy called The Golden Bridge.

Chinese General and war strategist Sun Tzu defined it as:

Leaving an opponent an opportunity to withdraw in order to not force them to act out of desperation.


The 80's TV series Magnum P.I. starred a young, hot Tom Selleck.

His character, Thomas Magnum, (not a nickname!) lived on someone else's amazing Hawaiian estate, which conveniently also offered him use of a red Ferrari.

He was not my favorite character.

The estate caretaker, an Englishman named "Higgins" was played to perfection by John Hillerman.

In various scenes, you'd see Higgins using toy soldiers to re-create battles, both famous and obscure.

In movies and TV, this battle recreation hobby is used to define a certain type of character:

The Strategist.

Usually someone who's been in war (of one kind or another) and has that rare combination of qualities:

they are both smart and wise.

They help the young "hero" with strategy.

Why does the hunky "Hero" trust the almost always less sexy strategist?

Because if you don't have a strategy, you never get to be the hero.

You get to be one of the soldiers who gets moved around.

That's true in TV-land and that's true in real life.

Strategy is the opposite of desperation, because your wiser-than-reacting strategy gives you the power to anticipate what's going to happen next.

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The best thing you can do for your career is help someone else with theirs.

In that spirit...

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