• Courtney Kirschaum

Do you own your story?

A very famous businessman and technologist also happens to be adopted.  

It's not a secret. 

He talked about it publicly.

And the impact it had on his life is discussed at length in many books about him, including the one I’m reading at the moment. 

Through his work, he became famous and ridiculously wealthy at a young age.

Still in his 20’s, he decided he wanted to try and find his biological parents.

Early in his search, he learned he was the child of an unwed mother.

In his biography, he said his adoptive parents were unquestionably his parents. It wasn't a lack that motivated him. 

His motivation was this: he wanted to make sure his mother was okay and to thank her for having him.

The man was Steve Jobs.

He found his mother and learned she had married the man who'd been his father and they had daughter. 

He had a full sister, Mona.

When Jobs reunited with his mother and sister, he learned their father had abandoned his wife and daughter when his sister was five.  

He met his sister and they became close.

She wanted to find their father. 

Jobs had no interest in meeting him. 

Jobs asked Mona not to mention his name.

And She promised if she found their father, she would not reveal anything. 

Mona hired an investigator who found her father working at a small restaurant in Sacramento. 

He was happy to meet her and she flew from the east coast where she lived to meet him.

In their conversation, he confided he and her mother had another baby. A boy. It was before she had been born. 

Since Mona had promised Jobs she would not mention Jobs, she only asked, “What happened to him?”

Her father replied, “We’ll never see that baby again. That baby’s gone.”

Their father went on to tell his daughter about this life.

He said he’d worked in nicer restaurants than the one he was in now. 

He told her about working in a really nice restaurant North of San Jose.

He explained all the big tech people used to come there.

"Even Steve Jobs," he said.

He said Jobs was a nice guy and a big tipper. 

Understandably, Jobs’ sister was stunned, but could not reveal to her father that Steve Jobs was that baby.

He was telling a story about meeting his own son. 

True story.


You never know how your story is going to play out.  

Recently, I saw this quote:  "You own your story or your story owns you."

Pros own and tell their own story.  


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