Don't let this bother you - it's not true

Two golfers were walking the course in a high mountain town famous for skiing and après ski.  

The day started out beautifully, but a storm came up fast.

Close to finishing, they decided to play through.

One was struck by lightning. 

Dazed and disoriented, he was still conscious

His friend, understandably shocked and panicked said,

“Don’t move. Stay right there. I’m going to get help.” He started running for help.

Lighting struck the first man again. He didn't survive the second strike. 

That story was told to me by the on-scene first responder teaching a mountain medical course I enrolled in.

A lot of the course was debunking myths like “lightning never strikes in the same place twice.”

Have you ever been told…

  1. “You haven’t worked in # years, you’ll have trouble getting a job.”

  2. “You have gaps in your work history, that’ll work against you.”

  3. “You’re [insert anything], you’ll have a hard time overcoming that!”

These well worn sayings are useless and dangerous to you and your career.

If you’ve ever been pasted with those or other baseless assertions, read on.

The same primal urge that makes people slow down at car accidents, inspires one person to tell another that some aspect of their current reality will be the reason they will “Find it harder” to get a job. 

Good news.

They have no idea what they’re talking about and no statistics to back it up other than, it’s just "something everyone knows."

Yeah, so is “Lightning never strikes in the same place twice.”  

By way of example, 

The current US president is the oldest president ever sworn into office.

Now 74, if he wins in November, he’ll be 75. 

If he loses, the next president will be 78.

Worried about lack of experience?

He’d never run for office before.

The reason the current US President, Donald Trump, got the job is the exact same reason you’ll get a job or won't.

  • He understood what caused people the most pain and concern.

  • He convinced them

  • he could solve their problem(s).

Education, age and lack of political experience were all present. 

He got the job anyway. 

Had he focused on experience, education or age and asked people to “overlook” his failings or even accepted the precedent that they are “failings,” would he be walking around the White House with no mask on today?  


Understand the problemsthat are most important to people. 

Convince themyou can solve their problems

That’s how you get a job. When you lose sight of that. Your career stalls.

“Ma’am I see your grass needs cutting, I have lawn mower with full tank of gas and I’ll do it right now for $15."

That homeowner didn’t put an advert on LinkedIn for a job opening.

Or ask, “Where’d you graduate?” 

The lawn mower owner saw a problem he could solve and made a move. 

Whatever alleged "imperfection" exists, there's always someone sharing some baseless reason why you're in trouble. 

Smile, nod and ignore.  

Declare independence from all that nonsense and focus on understanding people and the problems that trouble them most.

Convince them you can fix their problems. It's that simple.


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