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This is how the ship stuck in the Suez Canal touches you

A container ship got stuck in the Suez Canal.

Weighing in at 220 tons, the news cycle is filling up with stories as quickly as the canal entry points are filling up with waiting ships.

The articles focus 70/30 on two things. "Who's to blame!!?"

While the "how can we fix it?" part gets less attention.

Everyone wants to know what happened in a "Heads will roll!" kind of way.

"Who screwed up?"

That's what everyone wants to know. The captain, the navigator, the ship? Some say a sandstorm might have blown the ship off course.

You can almost hear them sharpening their axes as the frenzy whips up.

All while everyone acts like the world will end because someone's Hyundai will be late to port. At the bottom of these articles, they finally say those "in the know" think the canal will be open again in two days. Two days!! All this static for a two-day delay? While all involved make a fuss, here's some backstory.

Since opening in 1869. Yeah, that's an eighteen, the canal has been closed five times, the last time for eight years during two wars, from 1967 to 1975. Life went on.

The Suez Canal opens a shortcut of thousands of miles and many days shorter from Asia to Europe by going "through" North Africa instead of down and around the southern tip.

Yes, it matters, but talk about a tempest in a teacup. Two days!

Not only were the lights out for eight years once but ships were also trapped in the canal during the closure. Life went on.

Think of a gap in your work history as the ship in the Suez canal. It generates an incomplete story.

And it's not as bad as everyone wants to make it seem. It seems apocalyptic until someone comes along and puts things in perspective.

If you need help doing that, hit me up here or here.



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