Freedom from the "order trap" in one word

Gezellig is a Dutch word.

An accurate meaning is difficult to translate into English.

Which is probably why the Dutch describe it as, "a very Dutch word.”

It’s born out of their singular attitude about enjoying life.

Some interpret it as “cozy,” which is close. Or “Convivial” which is also close.

Early in my time living in the Netherlands, a new friend Ed, tried to explain it to explain it one day.

My takeaway?

Joy in life.

Events and people coming together just the right way so you and your compatriots have a magical experience.

Since all the Dutch know this word and have a concept of what it means, they help each other create it.

Imagine Americans who're dedicated fans of opposing teams yet they still stand up for "the wave" in a sold out sports stadium on a crisp fall day.

It’s a memory in the making and a feeling the Dutch use precisely to convey not just meaning but experience.

“How was your evening?”


One word presumes the existence of possibility, offering a focal point that coalesces the Dutch around a mythical bonfire of joy.

Imagine if happiness at work had a "gezellig."

I think we can all agree, "success" is overused, mis-used and worn out.

Without realizing it, we unconsciously accept an achievement is no good if it’s "too easy."

Without thinking much about it, professionals are zealous in the belief that some suffering is success' correct predecessor.

Being too happy at work infers you’re not taking it “seriously” enough.

Your happiness couldn't be, shouldn't be the result of ... work.

That's a four-letter word. Right?

What about your work might be improved if you agreed that gezellig is at least a possibility?

And then invited someone else to give it a try, too.



When you show the joy you take in your work, people respond.

The story of your career written by you,

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