• Courtney Kirschaum

He won two Emmys and then lost one

A friend is a TV producer.  He has two Emmys to show for his work. In case your memory is foggy on awards, the Emmy is like an Oscar, except it’s awarded for excellence in TV. Instead of a sort of mummified golden person, the Emmy is a winged angel holding a sphere.  It’s quite inspiring.

When I first saw it in my friend's office, I did double-take, saying “DAY-um! You won an Emmy, TWICE!!”

He’s like, “Oh, yeah…” almost a combination of “I forgot” and “Right! I did!”  Anyway, he won two. Now only has one.  Let’s pause here. Now I’ve set it up.  The cliffhanger. What happened to his Emmy!? You want to know the rest of the story. That’s known as the “reveal.” Okay. Break's over.   Here's the reveal: During Spring Break one year, one of the Emmys was stolen from the lobby of his office by gang of drunken revelers who thought it would make a great ...Trophy.  No video of it, ironically.  I’m secretly waiting for the thief to grow a conscious and mail it back.  Today, I was doing some TV stuff with my friend when I was reminded of this story and I said to him,

"Having a true story like that to tell about ONE of your stolen Emmys is actually as powerful as having an Emmy if you know how to use it right." 

Sometimes you need to brag about your Emmy without bragging about your Emmy. 

The ability to convey how amazing you are without hitting people's brag button or BS-detector in the helium in the balloon of your career.  Tomorrow, I’m going to share an example from the single most memorable career headline I’ve ever read. You can have that delivered right to your in box here...https://www.courtneykirschbaum.com/emailsthatmakryoulaughandthink This kind of headline comes in handy if you don't have an Emmy to tell a wicked brag story about (that doesn't sound like a brag at all.) Until then… Courtney P.S. Job Hunt School is coming in September and we are so gonna cover this. Get on the interest list here >> https://www.courtneykirschbaum.com/jhs-interestlist