How to quit using a resumé and why you need to

Did you hear about the United Airlines flight where everyone was sent an email assuring them middle seats would be vacant and social distancing would be in effect?

The reality, every seat was occupied and United was raked over the social media coals. In the parlance of Twitter, "dragged." Overheard this week: “Bailing out the airlines would be like bailing out a buggy whip factory.” Large numbers of people aren’t going to fly for long time. And let’s face it. When conditions were far better than they are now, people were getting into fist fights and being dragged off the plane by police.

On top of that, it was getting to the point where... "Oh you want to use the restroom? That's $50 extra! Swipe your credit card at the door." Airlines can't be the modern day buggy whip, because something else has beat them to the punch: resumes.

Which one doesn't belong:

Netflix -- Alexa -- Telsa -- Resume

This week there was an article on LinkedIn that turned out to be more inflammatory than a White House press briefing.

It was about what your resume should look like. And people were commenting right and left about format, pages, and on and on. Are you kidding me? A LinkedIn Editor was writing about resumes on LinkedIn?!? Isn't that like Jeff Bezo's showing up at the Blockbuster and telling the high school kid running the place how arrange the DVDs? Resumes unnaturally cram your work life into a format that's restrictive and hard to read and what, other than a gin-stained cocktail napkin, could do a worse job of summing up you're awesomeness and years of hard work? When businesses started catching on to how resumes weren't a good solution, did they say, "No more resumes! Let's leverage all these better options!" Nope, they double-down and invented key-word scanners to make this exercise even more ridiculous, dehumanizing and ineffective.

For the record, fencing with a keyword scanner makes as much sense as challenging a romantic rival to a duel at dawn.

"I say, Sir! Bring your dueling pistol and I shall see you at dawn!" #OhMy Think about it. Your resume gets seen by how many people in a year? Not one if you're not a job hunting and if you are? 20, 30? Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

You can get your LinkedIn profile promoted to potential clients and employers based on an algorithm a $26 billion dollar company spent 17 years perfecting. And you can do it for free.

You know how Netflix and Youtube show you videos based on your viewing history? Same thing here and a little moderate activity will help them help you. Sleep in! Skip the duel at dawn and trash the gin-soaked cocktail napkin. It's time to get that anvil of a resume from around your neck in favor of something from this century. "Alexa, send my professional profile to Anna at Fast Company in advance of my interview." #SoEasy Next week, I’m offering a free webinar on how to dial-in your online profile and get your resume on an exit plan. (Don't worry, we'll let it down gently..."it's not you it's me...etc.)

Why you should jump on this faster than the Tiger King on an animal rights activist.

  1. You're going to learn the #1 item to put in your LinkedIn Profile to make their mouths water get it working for you - pulling clients, recruiters, hiring managers - rather than you chasing them down for a duel at dawn.

  2. We're going to talk about the one thing you've got to have in your profile that lets people know it's okay to contact you. By the way, research showsthis increases responses by as much as 300%.

  3. Learn the one word 99% of people overuse in their profile that's a huge turn off and what to replace it with.

Unlike United Airlines flights, this live training is complimentary and you can social distance your ever-loving heart out from your own phone or laptop. We fly the virtual skies! And this is really live - none of that flim-flammy fake-live, but me here in my quarantine-hut with the neighbor's rooster crowing throughout (and me thinking about challenging that feather bomb to a dual with a frying pan.) It's a one-shot deal. Get your seat here See ya there, Courtney

P.S. I actually like that rooster a lot. Chances are you'll hear him. He crows all day long.


What's it's gonna be like? Last year I did a series of 20+ webinars in a #FreeOnFriday series and here are some of the reviews.

You can get your seat here...


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