How I dodged a dangerous disease🌴

You might have noticed I've been quiet for the last few months.

Here's the short-ish story. 

I was in Key West...

(I bet a lot of unexpected disappearance stories have started with those words.)

If you know anything about the Keys, you may have heard of a phenomena native to that part of the world called:  "Keys Disease." 

(This is a real thing. You can look it up.)

The first time I heard about it, I thought it was a joke. It's not.

Here's one of the symptoms:

People who visit the Keys get Keys Disease and it's no laughing matter.

Key West is one of the most hard hit areas.

I didn't get it, but at least one Friday night I exhibited some symptoms (details far too gory to disclose here.)

Yet the menace was there and I saw it from time to time (That photo!) I made it out unscathed! YES!👊

Here's what happened while I was not getting Keys Disease:

In October, a friend and collaborator suggested I create a program to help people use a once-boring professional networking platform called LinkedIn.

It (was) so boring, you might be thinking of clicking away right now.

Whoa Nelly! Hold the phone for granny, and don't hang up just yet. 

For reasons historians will no doubt ponder, this church social hall of a networking platform has gone nuts with new users and activity.

I guess people needed somewhere to go when they started hating on Facebook.

Anyhow, I built a mini-course to help people actually do what they're supposed to on Linkedin:

Stalk your ex-boss and your nemesis jerk-oid former co-worker! Just kidding. I mean find jobs that are cool and people who are cool and fun to work with.

{Drum roll, please.} It completely took off!!

And for the past four months I've been on that runaway horse.

I have not had time to do anything else. Hence the radio silence.

If you're wondering what could be so all-consuming, here is it is.  The monster that consumed four months.

(Buy it! I need the money for 🍹& 🌿 -- just kidding😊)

Now about that freebie for you...

I did manage to get some cool 😎 things done and here's one of them.

It's compilation of my most loved💕 and precious💎 resources for 

Making extra money; you side hustle💸The coolest travel resource I have ever seen. 🚗🌍🚅✈️Learning new stuff (for free!). Seriously, these are AMAZING!🧠Where you can find your voice 👊 (never thought about it did ya?)Creative resources (free and awesome!!!) 🖌🎨

I'll be updating this with more cool things as I find them. So download it here and bookmark this resource list page. 

What's next?

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