How she stopped an office power play (coolest thing I ever saw)

My friend was briefing me on the latest run-in with her office nemesis.  Things had gotten so bad, she went to a psychic. #TrueStory

 (I envisioned Whoopi Goldberg in “Ghost.” )

“She offered me a protective charm, but I couldn’t afford it.” She said.

“Are you serious?” 

I kid you not, I was thinking, half ‘That’s stupid.’ and half: ‘Where can I get one?’ 

“How much did it cost?” I asked, making a mental estimate of about 50 bucks.

“Four fifty.” She said. “I’d already spent two fifty on the reading, so I didn’t get it.”

“Four HUNDRED and fifty!?!?!” 

“DOLLARS!?!?” My jaw hit the floor. 

$450 for Madam Arcati to jiggle some chicken bones over a $2 candle and say someone’s name 3 times?

“I’ll do it for $300.” I replied. 

We’ve all had an office nemesis. You know, the one who makes you crave a Voodoo doll and box of pins. (Or is that just me?)

Back in my corporate days, I worked with a woman who had devious ways of getting team members to do little tasks for her, so it looked like they worked for her. 

I’ll call her Smokestack. 

Gathered together in our fanciest conference room before the start of the quarterly meeting, we were all catching up and having a few laughs.

That’s when Smokestack spied our recent hire, Laura,* getting a lot of attention as the “new kid on the block.”

Smokestack made her move just as Laura sat down.

“Hey, Laura, grab me a coffee, would you?” 

Unschooled in Smokestack’s petty power plays, my new colleague got up from the conference room table and headed in the direction of the coffee room. 

In my head, I was screaming, “Noooooo!! Don’t fall for it!!” 

After a minute she was back, coffee in hand. 

She took her seat at the table and drank that coffee down to the last drop and never looked in Smokestack’s direction. She was so nonchalant, it didn’t cause a stir. Yet... point made.

DAY-UM! SHE-RO in the house!

Oh my GOD! What planet was this woman from!?!?! Did she commute to work on a dragon?

Back then, I wanted to be cool when faced with petty office politics and power plays, which I loathed.

Yet I didn’t know how to deflect with even a particle of the poise this woman possessed.


I discovered that secret. I’m gonna share it with you in just one sec.