How you can use this trick to do good instead of evil

The thread below makes such a brilliant point, I had to share.

In case you're not familiar, clickbait means what you think it means: bait for clicks. It's a link which entices you to click on it.

The "bait" comes in many shapes and sizes, but it's usually intentionally misleading and often provocative.

How would you "Write your dissertation as clickbait?"

Here's one example:

"FOUR WOMEN TO EVERY MAN! Who actually wore the pants, and did they keep them on?! CLICK HERE for the shocking details of this medieval convent!"

Can't imagine what dissertation title spawned that?

You're not alone.

The clickbait titles were so enticing, people were begging to learn the real titles that inspired them.

Here's the actual dissertation for that one:

"Processing Piety and the Materiality of Spiritual Mission at Syon Abbey, 1415-1539"

How Godawful boring is that?

Here's another one that had people clamoring for a response.

"This everyday thing LITERALLY changes how your brain is wired. Find out what it is HERE."

Some of these are X-rated, many are laugh-out-loud hysterical, but all show how uninteresting we make our work titles in the name of,

"oh please take me and my work seriously!" or

"This is how everyone else is doing it!"

Would you click on "Processing Piety and the Materiality of Spiritual Mission at Syon Abbey" if you weren't paid too?

If you're having trouble getting the hang of it, click on the thread for more.

So far, it's gotten 3.8k replies and over 30K likes.

Last one.

"Write in this "dumb" way and they'll throw themselves at your feet begging for it."

Actual title:

Booster Shot for Your Profile.

P.S. just a few more days and prices go up for 2021.

Get it here:

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