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How to see your next best career move (and why it's been in your blind spot)

Picture this Court

You’re at work and you have this idea...

Maybe you saw something when you were at Home Depot buying a piece of plywood. 

Or when you were getting your oil changed, the way they did something sparked an idea for you.

You go into work on Monday and you tell your boss about this genius idea you really think is hot and they...

Throw water on it. Dis your idea. Do nothing,

You're deflated and maybe even feeling foolish.

I know a guy that happened to. You probably know him too, at least by name.

Here’s what his bosses told him:

“If there was a way to build a better vacuum cleaner, Hoover or Electrolux, would have already built it.”

That’s what James Dyson’s bosses told him when he presented his way better idea for a vacuum. One that wouldn’t require bags (and more bags) or lose suction. 

“Go back to your desk, Jamey boy.”

You might have a Dyson, and you may have seen the commercial where he, in his awesome English accent, tells you that it “never loses suction.”

Here's a backstory that's worth knowing...

He got the first half of the idea for a cyclone design from his “ball barrow” invention. A great improvement on the wheelbarrow, that never took off.  

For this failed invention, they used a method of blowing the paint on in charged particles and suctioned off what didn't stick with a cyclone mechanism.

Part two came one Saturday afternoon. Dyson was vacuuming (I wonder… but that’s what he says!) and the Hoover sucked because it didn't suck and he didn't have any more bags.

Trying to empty and “re-use” the old bag failed, inspiring him to build a better vacuum and make him a billionaire. 

Some tidbits.

One night, Dyson snuck into a closed lumber yard to study the “cyclone” mechanism they used to suck up all the sawdust there. 

No kidding. He literally climbed over a fence after hours to study the cyclone design. 

Working on the design in a shed in his backyard, it took him 5 years and 5127 prototypes Yes that's not a typo - before nailing the design that worked. (Remember that the next time you get a "rejection" or a "no." )

And all while going in debt up to his Hoover.

And that was just creating it. He still had to convince people to give it a chance and he'd already failed once with his own bosses.

Here's the coup that launched him:

Dyson got his bagless vacuum into the most popular mail order catalog in the UK.

After all that work, if he had not gotten into the catalog, the Dyson would be in the same place as his Ball-barrow, which you never heard of until today and likely never will hear of again. 

Whatever you do, you gotta get exposure baby!  

It's possible to see something in a new way. 

After this, will you ever look at a Dyson the same way again?

Today's mail order catalog for professionals is LinkedIn, and unlike a mail order catalog, when you make a sale, you don’t have to give them a cut.

When I see amazing, talented, smart, hardworking people being under-appreciated, it makes me crazy! That’s literally why I quit my corporate job (and gave up a sweet Pied-à-terre in Key West) to start my company.  

And "networking" sucks, but helping people solve their problems doesn't. 

One final tidbit about Dyson. 

While he was working in his shed for 5 years, his friends and family called his project, his “obsession.”

Helping you get a suction-free career is my obsession.

You can do a Dyson.

There are 5 mistakes most folks make on LinkedIn.

These make you think:

“This doesn’t work.”

“Nothing's happening here.”

“This is a waste of time.”

You can join my FREE LinkedIn training and in addition to never looking at a vacuum the same way again.

You’ll never look at LinkedIn the same way again, and when you implement these 5 fixes, the professional world will never look at YOU the same way again.

(Pinky promise. This is good stuff!)

And free as the sweet Virginia breeze I’m sittin’ in right now. 

Reserve your seat here.

Not going to vacuum now,


P.S. If you’re thinking, “If there was something better than sending your resume into the ether and waiting anxiously to get picked for “the team” someone would have invented it already …”  Leave the naysaying to James Dyson’s wonk wonk “we’ve-always-done-it-this-way" bosses. Come break into a lumber yard at midnight with me  

(well not really, but this webinar will be fun - not some wonkinar. And you don’t have to climb a fence and throw a tennis ball for a guard dog to get in. You can reserve you seat right down there. 

Once again, my fine friend, here's the link. You can do it safely from wherever you choose.

Get your seat right here: Get your seat and send this to your bestie, co-worker, boss, anyone who you've ever heard say "... ugh, I have to update my resume." Thanks for reading and for sharing!  

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