• Courtney Kirschaum

How to skip sketchy solutions that end in divorce

"What is that?

Some Mongolian voodoo magic thing-y to ward off evil spirits?" Asks me a long time ago.

A clear plastic bag full of water with a few pennies sitting in the bottom hung in the window of a tiny house-turned-café in a shanty town neighborhood on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar.

A traveler friend (back when one could travel) seemed to know all the cool places not mentioned in my Lonely Planet guide, which is how we ended up in this warren of huts and houses drinking milk tea.

That's when I noticed the clear plastic bag filled with water and spare coins secured with string and hanging mid-window 

The bag was the right size to carry a goldfish prize home from a county fair - clear plastic, knotted at the top.

Since we didn't speak Mongolian, it remained a mystery.

Over a decade later on Facebook, someone posted a picture of shiny pennies in a sandwich bag full of water.

The backstory? Allegedly, this repels flies. 

The water amplifies the light reflecting off the coins in a way that’s Kryptonite for housefly vision and scares them away. Such is the claim of believers.

My long-forgotten question answered, I scanned the comments, which were a few guffawing “Who knew?”s and at least one “I’m trying that today!”  

And ending with one emphatic comment in all caps “DOES NOT WORK!” 

You ever noticed how things that don't work well or at all will not die? They keep getting promoted and passed around?

For example here are some bunk-laden immortals:

  • The best candidate will get the job- don't make me laugh. To begin with, how would anyone know? It's not a horse race.

  • Work hard, you'll get noticed.Partial truth and a very dangerous one. Work hard and have a strategy that will make their eyes water is better. 'Cause who cares if they "notice you" but don't promote you, pay you and let you leave early to get your kids or whatever else you wanna do. 

  • Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. Not really. I refer you to the early years of Microsoft vs. Apple.

A guy I met briefly had a great "product."  

He didn't get a job. He got a divorce caused by the stress of not getting a job. 

A lot of guidance floating around is about as useful as putting a few pennies in a bag full of water to ward off house flies. 

It's why I created LinkedIn Boost two years ago.

LinkedIn is one of few places giving you big (completely free) organic reach to recruiters, clients, everyone, without forcing you to buy advertising.  

Facebook stopped doing that years ago. And without paying or catching a bear in your hot tub on video, no one sees your stuff. 

LinkedIn still the best and easiest way to get seen by thousands of people who are interested in what you offer and the crazy part is they are already there looking for it. 

Doesn't matter whether you're an entrepreneur, a job seeker or a little of both.

If you aren't making money or getting propositioned for openings on LinkedIn, you can be in one case it happened in one day.

Another inspiration for creating LinkedIn Boost was that divorce.

A few years ago I had a passing conversation with a candidate who had it all -  experience, credibility and education. 

Determined to keep doing things that were proven not to work and relying on well-meaning people offering "bag of pennies" advice, things unfurled.

It was like watching the Hindenburg go down. And it took down his relationship.

During the same time, a sales rep. who'd taken a retail job to make ends meet, jumped a the chance to try something new. 

Within one day of publishing an updated profile, she had an interview scheduled. This was after months of nothing.

Mileage varies, yet those two tales reveal a lot. 

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