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How to stop taking THIS and still get the job

By the time he was 30, Steve Jobs had built a pretty impressive computer company and was such a complete jerk and bad boss, he managed to get himself fired from it.

To hear his biographer tell it, It was a showdown worthy of Real Housewives meets Judge Judy.

Jobs is out, but not down. He's only 30 for crying out loud.

He left with seven engineer buddies from Apple to start a new computer company. 

One of the first things Jobs sets out to do is get a logo for his new company.

An avowed design junkie, Jobs wants a world class logo. 

It's 1986 and he calls 71-year-old graphic design legend Paul Rand

Rand was a big deal guy who'd created logos for Esquire, IBM Westinghouse, ABC and UPS. 

So Rand hot-foots it out to Palo Alto, hangs out with Jobs, listening to his vision for this new company. 

At the conclusion of the meeting, Jobs, who at this stage in his career is a notorious, bully, a-hole, ranting lunatic, possible narcissist, etc. asks Rand for a “few options.”

Rand says to Jobs, 

“I will solve your problem and you will pay me. You don’t have to use the solution. If you want "options" go talk to other people. And either way, you will pay me.”

As bullies tend to do in the face of people who know how to handle them, Jobs curled up like a puppy, rolled over and starts drooling over Rand calling him an “Artist” and spewing hooey about his "artistic purity" etc. That's the story anyway. 

This wasn't some meeting of great minds...  blah blah blah.

This was Job's getting told off by a bad@ss granddad who wasn't taking any of his snot-nosed attitude, which was just a hiding a Milky Way-sized black hole of insecurity and inexperience.

To his credit, Jobs had the sense to shut his trap and show a rare bit of respect for someone who knew his business and his trade and wasn’t taking any crap off Jobs. 

Now any way you slice it, this was a job interview for Rand.

And in it, Rand told Jobs it was his way or the highway and Jobs ate it up.

Here's an important lesson.

Your career will be full of many Jobs and far too few Rands. 

Be a Rand.

Find your own style and manner, but be a Rand.

Even in job interviews.

Especially in job interviews.  

How do you get there?

Good question.

Especially in a world making such a great effort to transform job seekers into obsequious pleasers. 

Start with The Game.👉  https://jobhuntschool.com/the-game-2020/

You'll get a few practice runs, so you don't end up being insecure and mean like Jobs but cool and in control like Rand.

And you don't have to wait until you're 70 to master this.

NeXT paid $100k for Rand's ONE design. 

I suspect, smart as he was, Jobs wished he could be more like Rand, but he was young and inexperienced and he had to learn every hard lesson in real time.

You don't. 

Don't learn too late that It's just a game.

Learn how to play it.

Clock's ticking down. When it's gone. It's gone.

👉  https://jobhuntschool.com/the-game-2020/



It came with a 100-page book explaining Rand's “thought process.”

Yeah, that’s $1000 a page.


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