How to use a classic retail solution to enjoy a VIP career

“He owns the place!” A friend was telling me about his recent trip to visit an old buddy who's a restauranteur in NYC. He set the scene like a fizzy drink bubbling. “His place was packed. There was a line down the block which he walked us past and straight in the door. He took us to the only empty table in the place. It was reserved for us!

In a grand, surprisingly effective gesture, he mimed reaching down and plucking an imaginary "Reserved" sign off a table.

Snapping his fingers for emphasis, "A waitress was right there with a bottle of champagne!!”

Recalling this unexpected access to an exclusive realm was revealing something I'd rarely seen in my friend: giddiness. VIP entrances. Reserved tables. First Class. See a "Reserved" sign and you can't stop yourself from wondering, “Who’s that for?” In your world... Who gets in? Who stays out? Which tables do you hold in reserve? For whom? What does this reveal about you and your offer? Giving people the feeling they're a VIP having an elevated experience, changes everything.

These things exist, because so many people love the feeling it gives them.

Whether it's four extra inches of legroom on the front of the plane or a choice table and champagne.

Whatever side of the velvet rope you’re on, you feel something about the fact that one even exists. How do you tempt people with the feeling they're getting something special, exclusive, better when they choose you? Succeed at this and they'll happily pay a premium. If you never learned how to use this power to your advantage, you're not alone. If you're up to the challenge of learning, come right this way. Cheers, Courtney

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