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Looking for a job? This could be why you haven't found one

Hint: it's not ageism or AI

1980s high school freshman year. Perms, pinstripe jeans, and mullets are trending.

Our high school was split into "first" lunch and "second" lunch.

MMA made my "first" lunch hell. Yes, I was MMA.

MMA = "Mature for My Age." For those thinking Mixed Martial Arts. It hadn't been invented yet. MMA meant my thoughts on high school lunch tended toward: "I cannot deal with this bullsh*t."

Enter the Susans.

Two upperclassmen - both named Susan - grabbed my arm one day and said, "Come with us." They guided me out of the Benetton-clad, gossip-buzzing school cafeteria, and down the hall. Just before busting out the side doors to the school parking lot, we took a hard left through two wooden double doors. On the other side, the din was replaced by a cavernous and quiet backstage with a grey-painted concrete floor.

The blonde Susan whispered, "In here!"

We took another hard left. Behold the "drama bathroom." Except for one lone industrial mirror, it looked like a solitary confinement cell - small room, cinderblock walls, with a low ceiling. It was our private lunch parlor and smoking salon.

That secret hideaway saved my sanity for four years of high school. People who know things are priceless, and let me tell you, the Susans knew things.

Who would've thought I'd grow up to make my living in the ultimate high school lunchroom, LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is viewed as a necessary evil by many, maybe even you, but it's hands down the most cost-efficient and smart way to find your next job.

It's stress-free (when you know how), and it's financially rewarding - a shorter job hunt.

Both directly and indirectly, most of my clients find their jobs through LinkedIn.

And if you're not making the best possible use of it, you're not just leaving money on the table, you're job hunting in 1987 - get those pinstripe jeans out.

Do it right, and your current employer - yes, they look at your profile - will think, "Day-um, Jim gets it, and they'll get poached away if we don't take care of them." You're profile gets judged with high school mean-girl cattiness. No one talks about it. They just judge and go. Say yes or no. It's harsh.

Unlike high school, you have control.

There are so many things you can do with your LinkedIn profile and posts. I show you how to make the most of it, profile-by-profile, tweak-by-tweak, post-by-post in LinkedIn Boost.

Want in?

Start Linkedin Boost now, or keep job hunting the old-fashioned way. Your call.

If you want a profile and posts that get a "Yes!" then roll with us. Take it from me: You want this. Get it and dive into LinkedIn Boost now.



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