• Courtney Kirschaum

Maybe your meltdown is a GOOD thing?

Have you seen any butterflies this spring and summer? I’ve seen a least a hundred. They are all over the place. It's like a butterfly invasion! Then this happened… I’m in my car, channel surfing on a sunny, Saturday morning when I hear the familiar voice of one of my favorite podcast hosts.

Guess what he’s talking about … yaaassss! Butterflies. Driving down the road, I practically feel the planets align. 

Coincidence or sign from the universe?  Here's what happened.

The scientist on the podcast talks about what we all know:

a caterpillar spins a cocoon and after some phases which have science-y names like “pupa,”  a butterfly busts out.  Can't you just see all the forest animals having a, “There's New Baby In The Neighborhood” party?

A fox in sunglasses handing out contraband Cuban cigars to all the other animals.

Well maybe just to the beavers and other “tough” animals ‘cause I can’t see those cute little brown bunnies with a cigar. Smokey Bear is chillin’ with a cold beer, holding court with the deer and looking at the animals holding cigars as if to say,

“You’re not thinking of lighting that thing up here... are you?”

Back to the podcast:

Scientists wanted to see what happens inside the cocoon from the time the caterpillar shuts the proverbial door, until the butterfly opens it and flies away.  

Here’s the part that blew my mind...

At one point, there’s nothing in the cocoon but mush - no caterpillar, no butterfly -  just bio-goo.  Post caterpillar, pre-butterfly yuck-ooze (my words, not the scientist's.) You’d think the caterpillar would cozy up in his self-made Snuggie® take a nap, sprout wings and it’s done.  

Not how it goes down. The caterpillar dissolves into pre-butterfly ooze. 

Driving down the road on Saturday morning on the way to work my day away in coffee shop, this butterfly revelation gave me hope.

Maybe the things that weren’t going quite right in my life weren’t a total loss. At some point, maybe things you think should remain solid and sensible are supposed to dissolve into mush? If you feel like your latest result or current situation is goo-yuck,

that your personal life, career, diet, finances and dreams are dissolving into mush, don’t throw in the towel! You could be in “pre-butterfly" and not realize it!   Forest fox could be out there smuggling Cubans to bring to your arrival party as I type these very words!  The deer could be applying mascara. Bambi could be texting Thumper, “You going to this shin-dig?”

Have a great week. Court.

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