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Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to...

Let’s talk about Willie Nelson.

Even if don’t listen to country music, you probably know Willie.

His well publicized tax dust-up with the IRS is the stuff of legend. 

Willie offers us a few lessons...

Specifically, how he got into trouble, yet even more interestingly, how he got out of it. 

He was raised by his grandparents during the depression.

He sold bibles, served in the Airforce and even enrolled in Baylor University for a couple of years.

And he had huge country music success. 

On November 9, 1990, Nelson’s properties in six states were seized, including master tapes, gold records, even clothes. 

The IRS said he owed $32 million.

Nelson said his accountants screwed up. 

After seizing just about everything he owned, including his Texas ranch, the IRS recalculated and sent him a second bill for  $16.7 million – $10.2 million of which was in interest and penalties. Ouch!

Nelson got out of this situation by keeping one thing.

Something he didn’t pay for and didn’t sell. 

This major factor in his worldwide success and incredible popularity, even among non-country music folks turned out to be Nelson's get out of jail free card for the entire expensive mess. 

It was also a factor in the solution Nelson came up with to pay off his debt:

he partnered with the IRS on an original album, which he then promoted with an info-mercial, giving 100% of the proceeds to clear his debt with the Feds.

It was titled. The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories. 

One decade later, his IRS troubles behind him, Nelson leverage his superpower again, making a commercial for none other than H & R Block.

It ran during the Super Bowl.

And no doubt earned Nelson a tidy sum.

What was the ace Nelson played that got him out of hot water with the IRS? And then helped him turn the entire episode into a profitable Super Bowl commercial?

Did the famous marijuana advocate get them high? I doubt it.

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