Money truckers, rabbits and ONE question you just gotta ask...

There was an actress in the 70s and 80s.

She starred on the TV show Dallas and came out with her own fitness book called The Body Principal, which was a play on her name, Victoria Principal. At some point in her actress-turned entrepreneur career, she was selling make-up. They shot a commercial assuming that, like her book, it would bring a windfall.   But after the launch, sales weren't coming in and no one could figure it out why.

Eventually someone involved with the project crossed paths with a clever marketer who knew all the psych triggers.

You know the ones that act as a kind of miraculous final pull on the handle of a slot machine that's more than ready to explode with a payout. And guess what happened?   Ka-ching! When they added the missing element, the flood gates opened and the sales came in like crazy and they all got hit by the money truck and lived happily ever after. About the time I read this story, I sat watching the Rocky Mountain afternoon snow fall outside my window.

The "money truck” had not hit me and didn't appear to be heading my way anytime soon.

Funds were leaving faster than they were coming in.  Several friends who'd left the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship the same time I did had already thrown in the towel.  I’d been mimicking "success behaviors" of entrepreneurs, but something was missing and my sales? Flat tire-ville “What am I doing wrong?” was playing on repeat in my head. Looking over the materials of the entrepreneurs who I knew were on a first-name basis with the driver of the money truck, I finally saw it!!

The "money truckers" all did two things I'd missed. Things I'd thought were optional or insignificant but are vital to well, getting hit by the money truck.

This Russian proverb, “Chase one rabbit” gets close to the first one.  As in chase one rabbit or you’ll catch neither. 

Whether you're looking for your new job or looking for clients, the rabbit you chase is your "type."  The fancy marketing name for this is your "avatar."   Money truckers don't start with a sell. They avoid amateur-hour openers like, "Available immediately!" or "I'm the potato-peeling champion of greater Greenville with documented achievements in potato-ing."  They do it by answering one question everyone wants an answer to, and I mean EVERYONE. No exceptions.  Here's the question: What can you do for me Answering, “What can you do for me?” is what pulls the slot machine handle and gets the wheels spinning. (If I can do this, believe me, you can do it.) Step one: check your profile real quick... Would I know what you can do for someone?  Or are you making me guess what you do with your PMP or MBA, or your degree?  What can you do for me Are you a nameless, faceless CPA designation or can you Save me money on my taxes? Give me financial peace of mind?  Understand the challenges of solo-preneur? Help me choose the right type of entity to start my side-hustle? “What can you do for me?"    I'll tell you what else I noticed about the money truckers in my next email. Want it now? Scroll down and help yourself.👇 Chase one rabbit.

Ps  -  btw, the missing piece in that late night make-up selling info-mercial? They added this at the end: if the customer wasn't 100% satisfied with the product, they could return all the make-up at no charge. That one vital piece triggered a sales avalanche and, the rest was history. Pss - No rabbits were harmed in the making of this email.  See real life examples of what "chasing one rabbit" looks like and my other money trucker secrets right here... >>>