Naked bridges and inner avalanches

You know the dream. You’re in some public place when you realize your clothes aren't there with you.

Then, you're awake wondering, "What was that!?"

It's believed the "Naked in Public" dream is about vulnerability.

Hanging out in Rocky Mountain National Park with my uber-smart friend Chip, I shared what I thought was an original dream:

"It's the last day of my final semester when I realize I've "forgotten" to go to a class that's required for me to graduate."

“Yeah, everyone has that dream.” He replies.

“Oh my God! That’s a thing?” I ask, incredulous to learn my singular experience is not the least bit singular.

Chances are you remember your partner in a "What!? You too!?" moment.

When your tentative…

“That’s a thing?”

gets an enthusiastic “Oh, yeah! That’s definitely a thing.”

These little bridges connect us.

Mental avalanches expose the mountain. You get excitement but no injury.

It's nothing to do with Master's degrees or years of experience.

That's just the same old score-keeping and competition.

When someone comes across what you put out in the world, they don't start out looking to keep score.

They're looking for a bridge that will take them into the land of, "What, you too?"


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