Promises do this before breaking

An author named Seth Godin coined the phrase, “Permission Marketing.”

Here’s an hyper-simplified version of how it works.

  1. You make a promise.

  2. You keep a promise.

  3. Repeat.

The promises we make connect us to people.

Children on the playground create the future by locking two grubby pinky fingers.

Middle-aged cynics lament, "promises, promises."

You make a promise with your

  1. Resumé

  2. Cover letter

  3. LinkedIn profile.

Promises about the result you’ll deliver, how and in what style.

Deliver on a promise that's true and accurate: success is yours.

There's so much doublespeak and jargon, it's getting harder to remember it's simply about making and keeping a promise.

People are starved for a simply stated promise.

Make a clear promise in this mad world and deliver on it: you're golden.

Booster Shot is delivering on its promise.

This feedback came in yesterday.

"My profile got there fast because Booster Shot was excellent!"

Make a better promise. Get it here:


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