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Questions that will blow your mind.

Remember back in the day before you could look up everything on the Internet?

I had this stash of question books. One was called "If (questions for the game of life...").

Hardcover, about the size of paper napkin, maybe 100 pages. 

Believe it or not, the answers of people you thought you knew surprise you. 

You think you know someone and they'd answer some off-the-wall-question, leaving you thinking,  "Who are you?"

The thing about some questions is they have the power to make you ask yourself that too. 

As in,  "Court, who are you? Where did THAT answer come from?" 

You ponder an idea or a question you never thought about and suddenly you give yourself clarity, open a hidden door or remember something you haven't thought about in a long time.  

You end up knowing yourself better. 

Questions are good to ask at beginnings and endings. 

Labor Day (the US holiday that makes this a long weekend) is the "end" of summer and the beginning of something new.

That makes it a great time to pause for some questions, 

Yep, you guessed it. I've got some for you. 

Maybe they'll help you see more clearly where you are and where you're going And it will definitely help me build better stuff to help you. (Virtuous cycle, baby!! That's a thing.)

The questions are here. 

If you need a thought-provoking pause, go for it.  And thanks!

Have a great long weekend, Courtney

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