Revealed: why this advice is a trap

Everyone is telling you to wash your face! Stop apologizing and be brave.

Don't you know people who are brave and hardworking and bad@ss, yet they're still asking, "Is this all there is?"

Haven't we all thought some version of:

"My face is washed, I stopped apologizing and I'm brave, dammit! Where's my big win?!?!! Hell, I'll settle for a medium win at this point!!!"

Being courageous is wunnerful, for sure, but so is this question...

"Is this a hill you wanna die on?"

What with Covid and all the attendant change, I've heard a lot of people say something recently.

(And it may not be Covid, maybe it's Venus is retrograde, or Mars or whatever, but I hear it a lot lately.)

"I don't want to do this thing I thought I wanted to do."

And it's freaking glorious!

They say the words "I can" are the two most empowering.

Ha! I think saying, "I don't want to do this anymore," is equally empowering and maybe more so! Or make that a "To hell with this!"

Say it out loud and tell a few other people, too! That'll really amp it up.

Because then you can say "I CAN" and actually have the space and energy to make good on it.

Acknowledgement is a powerful thing.

This is not "quitting " in the fashion that Winston Churchill derided.

"Never, never, never, never give up!" is a great refrigerator magnet, but be careful living by it.

This is about choice.

Sometimes it's damn liberating to face the reality that you're not going to have a corner office

2.5 kids

A house with a picket fence.

We don't always know how the straws pile up, but we can almost always remember the moment we acknowledged to ourselves:

"I don't want to do this anymore."

One reason many of us don't go for the "big thing" in our hearts is we aren't happy with the thing we're doing and...

Wethink, "I can't move on until I 'finish' this.

When "finishing it" is just some image you chose sometime before when you were a whole different person.

You know the story...

You committed to it ages ago and someone said you had to stay on the ride or you're a "quitter."


If something doesn't feel right and you let it go, that's deciding and that's not quitting, because the game goes on.

Play happy.



This last week I decided to let something go to make room for new, good change. That's coming in May. If you want to ride out of the Covid Tsunami on a surfboard and land in your happy place, this is a way to start. No joke. It worked a miracle for me and I'm sharing it.

P.P.S That's all I'm saying for now...

👇Click to get on the list, then check your inbox for a smile :-) You'll see.

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