She stood to speak... I nearly died

The scene: Vegas. Spring 2015

Standing in the corner of an over air-conditioned conference room in a chic hotel waiting to be introduced.

Getting paid to speak is sweet, but it comes with a dollop of performance anxiety there's no little blue pill for.

The year before, I'd given two talks at this same conference in Washington D.C.

My sessions were so popular, they moved them to a larger room to accommodate everyone. (That was a good day!)

So they asked me back, this time to Vegas. The pressure is on.

I'd just launched into my Vegas session when a poised, confident woman I don't recognize stands up in the audience, introduces herself and opens her mouth to speak...

For the record: an audience member standing for an impromptu announcement is exactly how every speaker's worst nightmare begins... so I'm thinking, "Oh sh*t!"

She says...

“I was at this conference last year in D.C. and attended all of Courtney’s sessions. Please listen to everything she says, because it changed my life.”

(How I didn't bust something trying to suppress a happy dance, I'll never know.)

She went on …

“After that conference, I followed the process she’s about to give you and it works!”

She went on to say she'd made changes in her life, that before, she couldn't even face - she ended a relationship that wasn't working and was about to execute a major career change.

She was smiling ear to ear,

I delivered the rest of that presentation from about a foot off the ground!

To be clear. She learned the tool and the process from me (with a helluva lot of enthusiasm and "Do this! It works!" passionate pleas), yet she took that information and made the magic happen.

After the session, she told me she wanted to start her own business. We talked about the fear and backlash that comes from... well just about anywhere. We parted ways and touched base electronically a few times.

Flash forward to 2021:

This week, a friend texts me a link to a New York Times article about how professionals, flush with cash saved in lockdown are embracing YOLO (You Only Live Once).

The remote work reality-check of COVID has inspired them to grab life and live the hell out of it - maybe you know this feeling?

They're taking hard left and right turns to remote work and new careers.

"YOLO!" is their battlecry

Reading the article, I see a name...I stop... that rings a bell. And oh my God! There’s her name.

This amazing woman from the Las Vegas session who made my day with her un-solicited endorsement is the expert quoted in this random New York Times article.

She'd started her own company and is killing it!

That's how it works: acknowledge, learn, feel scared, do it anyway and next thing you know you're quoted in the New York freaking Times!!

Is there something you've been wanting to do for a while?

That thing you haven't been comfortable saying out loud?

What I shared in DC, in Vegas and what, so help me, is the closest thing to a silver bullet I’ve ever used...

What is it? Learn more here


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