• Courtney Kirschaum

Steal Taylor Swift's happy success trick

Has anyone you know turned into a “different person” since all this started?

You're looking at them, asking... 

“Who are you and what have you done with …[ friend, partner, parent] ?" 


"Who are you and what have done with me?”

Right after the ‘Rona rolled in, I read somewhere that Shakespeare wrote King Lear in quarantine, and Macbeth and Antony and Cleopatra, too. 

Clearly, Will was a bit of an over-achiever.

A few months into mask world, Taylor Swift drops her “folklore” album. Nobody saw it coming. 

No teardrops on her guitar.  It’s “Here’s the new me” all over again.

This album's as different from her previous album as my thumbprint is from yours.

No one cares. No one's asking her to explain herself or her work. 

You don't have to be famous to throw down your own new versions.


Meet two real people who are doing it...

“Dee” got back three hours from her daily commute and a pile of cash once spent on fuel. She grabbed her two certifications off the shelf - ones that can be fairly described as her "true loves" - and started doing what she’s been thinking about for a long time. She just did it. No launch party, no fanfare, no build up… just… here’s my new album er, I mean career. 

On "folklore," there's a song called “The 1” where Swift opens with…

“I’m doing good 

I’m on some new sh*t. 

Been saying ‘Yes’ instead of ‘No’…” 

Which got me thinking about "Tyler."  

He's been on a winning streak of primo jobs, holding lots of responsibility and making lots of money in a two-decade, blue chip career.

When pandemic pandemonium hit, he changed his target, stepped off the crazy train and went through another door in his same industry. 

He's working for himself now. For his lifestyle. He's employed by others, but he's workingfor himself.

And it's a hit. Recruiters are crawling all over his profile -  calling, messaging and chasing him.

When the world cracked open, they decided to see a short cut instead of a trap door.

Three points worth noting:


  1. Viewed the new "here and now" as a once in a lifetime moment and

  2. Started saying “Yes” instead of “No.” 

  3. They used what they already had - talent, experience, credentials, certifications - instead of making their "next album" dependent on a future something.


Here's the thing:

If you can turn your living room into a one-room school house and your garage into a gym, why not your career into what you've always wanted, but never thought it could be?

Another factor in their newfound freedom...

They didn’t do it alone – in the early days we talked a lot. There were questions and sanity checks. 

Maybe you’ve been asking,“What am I gonna do? What's my Macbeth or my folklore?” 

Another lyric from the same song comes to mind. It makes me smile.

“I had this dream you’re doing cool sh*t, having adventures on your own… “

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