The 3 Million Dollar Man

It's Sunday morning and in zings an email from a LinkedIn influencer.

They write:

“Today, I am spilling the tea on how I went from zero to 3,000,000 followers on LinkedIn.”

The strategy: sell your “secret.”

What are you going to do with 3 million followers?

You can’t buy groceries or pay rent with followers.

Followers don't guarantee exposure.

Big numbers of followers are the red herring of the digital world.

It's easy to think they make you bionically powerful. but they don't.

You know what's powerful? Connection.

A handful of real connections is worth a million followers.

On LinkedIn, you can make big gains with one-step moves

Speak to one decision-maker

Give them one message loud and clear.

“You’ll get what you’re looking for from me.”

“You can depend on me to help you.”

“You can trust me.”

One picture

That inspires the thought:

“They look like they’d be nice to work with.”

“I can put this person in front of a client.”

One story where you connect.

Get these right and it'll feel better than 3 million followers.



Booster Shot shows you how.

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