How you respond when this happens reveals your fortune

Here's a children's riddle:


"Round as a butter bowl and deep as a cup and the whole Mississippi couldn't fill it up."

The answer.

A tea strainer.

The whole Mississippi couldn't fill it up.

A tiny strainer designed to hold tea leaves and one of the greatest rivers in the world is powerless to fill it. 

One thing is assumed at the start of every...


School year



First date.

It stands between you and your...

Next step

Plan B

Big Dream


and more.

It's this: you begin each of these things not knowing. 

You and everyone on the planet.

It's the first and perhaps common human experience.

You don't know. 

You're born not knowing.

It's a crossroads you come to again and again. 

When you find out, you move on. 

Your response is the fulcrum.

Do you admit you don't know?

Pretend you do? 

Figure it out?

Take a class?

Ask a question... or


For a miracle.

The fruit to ripen?

"Something" to happen?

If you don't know how to ...

  • Play Chess.

  • Belt out a two-finger whistle.

  • Hotwire a car.

Not a big deal, really. 

If you don't know how to 

  • Read.

  • Type.

  • Drive.

Those are real showstoppers. 

And there's so much in between these two poles of not knowing. 

What "I don't know" holds you back?  

So much talent. So many dreams.  

A Mississippi River of potential slipping through a tea strainer of...

"I don't know."

Keep finding out.


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