Being able to do this makes or breaks your career

In one generation,applying for a job went from being a lengthy effort to a task you can knock out on your lunch hour.

The college degree that once put you on a career track for life now opens the door to a proverbial shopping mall of jobs and career possibilities.

Stigmas associated with "job hopping" or being "fired" have dissolved like salt in a sea of stories about executives bankrupting companies and emptying the coffers on their way out the door.

The result?

Changing jobs is now hailed as a strategy.

That's good... and bad.

Being good at your job matters less.

Being skilled at marketing yourself and job hunting matters much more.

More churn means your mastery doesn't speak for itself (if it ever did).

Salaries are down while restrictive clauses pruning your new freedom have surged.

You can be a gifted accountant, data scientist, copywriter, project manager, sales manager, engineer, fireman, anything...

and still struggle to get a job, be paid well and have doors open for you.

Master's degree be damned. I see this all the time.

In the lunch-hour economy, you're toast if you can't market yourself and what you do.

Should you be worried?

If you hear...

"You need to speak up more"

"Make more noise about your work"

"We need you to step up before we ... [promote you, give you more money or whatever it is you want.]

These are lines reserved for Master Chefs making a Happy Meal salary doomed to work the line for far too long.

Very few people will say to you:
"You're fantastic. Your messaging sucks. Fix it."

You don't need to become a marketing savant who could sell a set of Cutco knives to Edward Scissorhands.

Just know that even if you build a better mousetrap, the world will not beat a path to your door.

Your employer will pay you to build it, pay someone else to market it, get rich selling it and take the credit for being a mad genius.

It's a drag, but there it is.

This is why I created Booster Shot for your profile. Get your greatness out there and get it paid well!

It's not cheap. It's for masters who are aiming for the "not cheap" end of the spectrum.

If that's you, go for it,

Fair warning: prices are going up in 2021.

You have until Jan 5 to get it at 2020 prices.

Happy New Year!


P.S. Get it here:

The best thing you can do for your career is help someone else with theirs.

In that spirit...

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