• Courtney Kirschaum

The F-word they lie about

This week, a brilliant copywriter I follow (and try to write even half as well as) wrote a short, funny post about the "f-word."

Of course I knew she wasn't talking about the F-word. She was using the scandal factor (which let's face it, is diminishing rapidly) to make a point.

Then I realized what I wanted to write about this week also starts with an F and is even more infused with word power than the "F-Bomb" F-word.

My recent LinkedIn post about this (punch-you-in-the-face) F-word went viral (well for me, don't look for it on CNN or the Jumbotron in Times Square.)

Is that even back on yet? And did that black out really get caused by a fire or did NYC not pay the ConEd? Anyway...

The F-word I'm talking about is "fired."

Getting fired almost always implies that you did something wrong. You broke the rules and you're in so much trouble you can't stay.

That's often big fat lie and that's what the post is about and why it struck a chord with so many people. 

Mostly we worry about not getting a paycheck but getting fired has a huge shame signature and it's pure, undiluted bullish*t.  (Yes, I feel strongly about this.)

Good people get fired all the damn time! 

That's what my "viral-not-really-viral" post is about:  what people think getting fired means and what it more often means. 

You can read that here  on LinkedIn because I'd really like to know what it means to you, Courtney.

I'd love it if you'd give the post a like and share. 

You're not fired. You're amazing  Looking forward to reading your comment about the F-word on LinkedIn

Farewell (get it!😂) Courtney

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