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The plan B, "settle for" that changed my life...

One of my favorite movies of all time is a documentary about three guys and their two attempts to climb Mount Meru in the Himalayas. Aptly titled, MERU.

Totally worth watching on Netflix or your binge watch buffet of choice.

I thought climbing might be something I'd do. Alas not.

Courtney Kirschbaum
The Shark's Fin face, Mt. Meru, India. (Photo: Jimmy Chin)

After spending a warm spring day trashing my hands and knees on a rock face off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, I had to own it.  

A climber? Me? Not.

As it turns out, I had some kind of cosmic belay keeping me from crashing down.  

Because not long after that fell through :) I stumbled upon an ad for a part-time job at a ropes course. 

At first it felt like I was settling for the "next best thing." 

It turned out to be the discovery of a better, happier way forward. 

(Check out the picture and look at those smiles! Need I say more?)

It was a turning point. 

All this started because I was bored at work and ready for a change but didn't know how to make a change happen.

The ropes course job was a side-hustle

What started as kind of hopeful lark where I learned how to tie a bunch of cool knots, met amazing people and basically had a blast, ended up turning the page to the next chapter. 

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