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How to change how they see you

In 1977, Saturday Night Fever was released.

By every measure it was spectacularly successful movie, grossing hundreds of millions worldwide.

Over 40 years later, the soundtrack which single-handedly launched disco is still the second best-selling of all time.

The movie was based on a 1976 non-fiction New York Magazine article: "Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night" by British rock journalist Nik Cohn.

If you lived through it, you experienced the cultural explosion brought on by the movie and the music. They became one massive wave.

Thanks to his role as Tony Manero, John Travolta was at the center of it all.

He went from being known as Welcome Back Kotter’s Vinny Barbarino on TV, to being one of the youngest actors ever nominated for an Academy Award at the age of 24.

All because someone saw a magazine article and decided to create a fictional story.

Small things can bring about massive shifts in how we see people.

Less than 10 years later in 1985, Vinny Barbarino didn’t dance with Princess Diana at a White House state dinner.

John Travolta, a lá Tony Manero did.

And the photo of them on the White House dance floor is iconic.

People will release a previous version of you and replace it with another one and never look back. Your job is to convince them.

If you want to change how you’re seen, you can.

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