• Courtney Kirschaum

I witnessed adults chase this down the street

After a day at the beach, we were sitting around our rented beach house doing the kind of nothing you do on vacation, when someone got a funny look on her face and asked, "Do you hear that?"

Instantly, half of the assembled party looked at each other and screamed in unison, "Ice Cream Truck!!!"

Leaping up, they dashed for shoes, shorts and wallets.

The last thing I heard as they ran out the door was, "I'm getting a Choco Taco!"

All triggered by the bells of an ice cream truck.

Imagine if you could play a tune and have people running to flag you down.

A century ago, you could easily spot a farmer, blacksmith, doctor or lawyer.

Today, there’s the burden of explaining what you do.

Signs, business cards, resumés all exist to relieve this burden.

Simple right?

It is if there's only one of you.

Otherwise this is where things can get really frustrating.

If you’re one of 10 lawyers on Main street, how do play the music that makes your people run to you?

Get a neon sign?

Advertise in the newspaper?

Those things only work if you add a key element.

This is where it's easy to get derailed.

It's the ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood forgetting to turn on the music.

For every desire we might have, there's a corresponding element that can make people stop whatever they are doing, jump up and run to get what you offer.

Sometimes we don't even know we want it until we hear the music.

Yet when we do, we're running in our flip-flips, flailing our arms, yelling..."Wait!!!!"

Want more:

“I’ve got job I think would be a fit for you.”

“Are you available?”

“I see you specialize in [ ]. We need someone who can do that. Can you talk today?”

Technical project managers, CIOs, marketers, philosophers, restaurant industry leaders, scientists and sales managers have all learned how to turn on the music that brings what they want and you can too!

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